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Uh, hello there weary traveler. I heard you're looking for something special to spice up your life. Well, look no further. Introducing the hot new guild of Shards of Dalaya. Whatever the guild name ends up being I'm certain it will be terrific so lets put that aside for now.

Onto the important bits. What does an organization such as ??? wish to do you may ask? Good question you. We are loosely formed around a previous season 1 world record holding guild that wants to experience more of the game. Many of the hardened veterans even have pretty fomelos such as er... my apologies for showing you something so unsightly however we can use this as motivation as to what your character wont look like once you join our band of individuals with a common interest.

Built around a group of people who wish to see everything the game has to offer the goal is to create a guild to gear up people both new and old while giving them an opportunity to participate in fights with the understanding that some fights are too hard for the character or person to participate in. Does this sound bad? It's far less important than people showing up consistently and should hopefully be a minor annoyance at most. Working on characters outside of raids is always a huge bonus for the guild and individuals who do so are super dope.

Raid Days- sunday 7:30pm tuesday and thursday at 8pm est with additional opportunities most likely available for those motivated

Loot - typically in guilds I've ran loot council doesn't exist and I just wing it and hand out the loot to whoever and hope people dont feel slighted. If problems should arise they can normally be handled by talking it out.

Recruiting - recruiting mostly anything besides tanks/shm/druid?
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So we had some small get together raids before official raids started and feels like we could use an active wizard/monk/cleric or something.


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If you can play daytime (EST) or even just load a toon and idle loot stuff, I can help you catch up.
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