The Yclistian Rod of Primacy


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Some wiki person should remove the bug report so in 10 years future shards players dont think its broken. (And a dev in the future will have to test it again for two minutes and find it actually works, but, the future us will forget to update the wiki....)


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I'm curious.

If you are an enchanter, you have all tomes that increase Mezz time, and you have Control Enchancement 4 on, how many ticks will this buff last for?

If you are not an enchanter, have all tomes (EF) and Control Enchancement?

If you have no tomes, just CE?

Just EF tome?

I guess my real question is, is this mezz influenced by tomes, aa's and focus effects?
If yes, is that really intended?

I mean if it mezz you for 2 ticks, thats pretty sweet. If it mezz you for 1 minut, thats pretty useless.


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@Snake I can't answer about tomes, but I tried bumping up all my mez AAs and summoned Control Enhancement IV on myself and saw no impact on the clicky duration. I'd also be willing to bet that High Elf / Dork Elf mez mitigation don't impact the duration either (possibly because that racial bonus doesn't seem to work on PCs anyway).
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