The "new" Dream


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1) When you are talking to the Challenge they ask if you are ready. Once you tell the NPC you are ready a rat spawns and is fighting another random NPC. This is different than the "old" dream in which you actually just fight the Challenge. This in itself isn't a problem. The issue is that you have no idea that a random rat is going to spawn, and the rat and the NPC spawn behind you, so anyone who had done the previous dream will just think the NPC is broken and will not fight you. New players might be very confused since nothing in the quest dialog talks about helping with a rat, or to look behind you.


2) Then you have to find the ground spawn. It tells you to look in the cells. The item you need is in the only cell that isn't on the map. I feel the map should be updated to show the cell that the ground spawn is actually in. If this was done intentionally to "hide" the cell that the ground spawn is in, you can simply remove all the cells from the map. It doesn't make sense that the only cell you need is missing from the map.


2A) The item you need to "use" on the NPC that needs to be healed named "a feverish dreamer" has the effect "Sorcerer's Defeat" on it with the Description of: "A Dream spell for defeating a Sorcerer." So the quest is asking you to *help* a dying NPC by using a spell that can defeat a sorcerer...



3) I think it would be cool if the Choice NPC asked you a second question so people could also get a clear understanding on Chaotic vs Lawful. Not really a huge deal.

4) I am not a fan of having the Deity choice in the Dream since it is just a big irreversible choice. I do like that they seem to stress how important it is, however I still don't know if that is enough for real *new* players.




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The voice for Shiritri has a bug in its dialogue too. There's a missing space that mashes things together somewhere in there.


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that reminded me that when I was deving on another server I found out the say command in NPC scripts actually has a character limit. haven't looked at the dialog but if it is pretty lengthy might be a case of a dev trying to avoid that limit. if so a fix may involve splitting the dialog into multiple parts. though having never developed for this server I don't know if this applies here.


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The voice for Shiritri has a bug in its dialogue too. There's a missing space that mashes things together somewhere in there.
I just fixed the missing space in the dialogue but didn't see any other bugs. Thanks for the catch!
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