Teen Angst - A journey of A T10+ Warrior


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Good morning friends,

Currently, I'm playing a warrior that goes by the name of Enano and I'm having a hard time maintaining aggro.

The meta build for a warrior seems to be Spirit Harvest and the Galeforce. This combination will last you pretty much until silent halls where you can obtain even more crazier weapons. Yes, a T10 weapon will get you all the way to T14.

Weapons around Tier:

Galeforce - https://wiki.shardsofdalaya.com/index.php/Galeforce,_The_Eye's_Edge

Point Blank AE target, 3 ticks, Detrimental
    • 1: Decrease Current Hit Points by 100
    • 2: Decrease Hit Points by 45
    • 3: Decrease Resist Magic by 20
  • 4: Decrease Attack Speed by 20%
As you can see here this weapon is a straight up tank weapon. 100DD, 45dot, -20 magic, AND a 20% slow. All of this with a 6% proc rate.


Other inferior options in or around this tier are the following:

Surf Zone - https://wiki.shardsofdalaya.com/index.php/Surf_Zone

Tidal Smash
Point Blank AE target, Instant, Detrimental
    • 1: Decrease Current Hit Points by 465
    • 2: Stun for 0 second
Recourse: Tidal Reverberation
Self target, Instant, Detrimental
  • 1: Decrease Current Hit Points by 45
Higher Damage, Stun Component, 5% (Lower Proc Rate). - 2 detrimental traits


Minotaurs Hammer https://wiki.shardsofdalaya.com/index.php/Minotaur's_Hammer

Focus Effect Healing Increment VIII
  • 1: Increases your healing powers by 24%
Effects Color Slam
Point Blank AE target, Instant, Detrimental
    • 1: Stun for 1 seconds
  • 2: Decrease Hit Points by 100
Same Damage, Stun Component, 6.6% (Higher Proc Rate). - 2 detrimental traits


Bamboo Rod of Entanglement - https://wiki.shardsofdalaya.com/index.php/Bamboo_Rod_of_Entanglement

Focus Effect Duration Increment VIII
  • 1: Increase Spell Duration by 40%
  • 2: Limit: Minimum Duration: 50 ticks
Effects Mire of Weeds
Point Blank AE target, 3 ticks, Detrimental
    • 1: Decrease Current Hit Points by 150
    • 2: Decrease Movement by 41% (L1) up to 54% (L14)
  • 3: Decrease Attack Speed by 20%

Slightly higher Damage, Snare Component, 12.9% (Higher Proc Rate). - 3 detrimental traits ||

This is the closest weapon that would be similar to the galeforce at t10. This one comes from a t12 12 man encounter. This one is also a 1hb which is something much harder to get and adds to the galeforces 1hs ( easier mod to get and max )

Also, 1 of the procs (snare ) doesnt work on high end mobs which is a reason why this isnt used that much.


What I am requesting:

Warriors , as is, are having a hard time keeping aggro. Shadow Knights and Paladins have made it where warriors are looked down on because of our inability to create and maintain aggro. Either you farm Yclist for a T10 weapon or you're absolutely the worst. With that being said, the Galeforce is not our saving grace. This just gives us the best opportunity.

The best solution would be to add a weapon in the middle of Galeforce and Silent halls in order to help us out. Surf zone seems to fit in that middle ground and should have its proc rate increased and add a couple detrimental effects to help us out.

more ideas to follow.


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A couple of tips.

Globe of malaria is a very quick cast and if you can get it on before the mob reaches the party or raid the better it has a few stacking issues with i think chanter murk dot and some necro spells but its great tool for warriors. Mob generally hate this debuff/dot.

Exceptional lightstone although a 3 second cast is legit way to produce blind aggro.

Greaves of vindication from CoD is one of the few anger clickies for warriors that worth getting it will help you stay on top of raid tanking aggro and is instant cast.

Sludged breastplate of bludgeoning is great aggro bp and every warrior should try to get this on its way up.

Generally speaking weapons should not be your sole source of aggro as a warrior, try stacking stuff like this even the murk blowgun dot is helpful to stack when possible. Weapon ratio is big deal also and is what is most lackluster for warriors very few 1 handed weapon reach over the 1.0 ratio.

AE taunt / Enrage is our biggest aggro jump when it comes to raid tanking named mobs. The sooner you get an enrage on the bigger lead of hate over the rest you will have to stay on top and using the clickies available to us helps keep you top. the classes that do draw aggro usually have means to drop them below this threshold but you will never hold aggro vs a poorly played monk/ rogue / wizard / necro / ranger or bard the refuses to fd / concuss / jolt to gain its extra dps they often try to do.

Tanking trash will always be difficult aggro wise but usually they dont live long enough for aggro to be much of a problem just ress the poor monk that turns the mob when it enrages :p

Hopefully this will help you or other warriors that read this I probably left stuff out but hey I cant divulge all my tricks !

One final note. Taunt is only used to gain aggro back once lost. You should not be mashing taunt as it places you +1 over the highest hate and you will need to regain all that hate you built up over the rest.

Good Luck Enano.
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You forgot https://wiki.shardsofdalaya.com/index.php/Craedyl,_The_Frozen_Blade_of_Shojar and https://wiki.shardsofdalaya.com/index.php/Jyre before silent halls. Also you can use the weapons you linked ontop of galeforce for aggro. Warrior aggro sucks with whatever weapon you use thats kind of the trade off for tanking way better than a knight. Be happy in the 2 days fuwok was a dev he released a bunch of additional weapons or you too could be the proud user of scythe + galeforce for another 5 years.

Every single class has mechanics to manage aggro even if it means doing less dps.

Also to add something useful that for some reason most people dont understand DRIVING STRIKE ON ENGAGE with a 100 damage weapon while bloodlusted= how u engage a mob not use some shit clickies that just waste time/effort u could use building/doing other useful stuff.
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