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Really just curious if anyone else is having the same problem. I've cleared the caslte and surrounding area a ridiculous amount of time and have yet to receive anything but Dagger/Crown/Claw cards. Am told the last one is a skull and I am seriously wondering if it might be broken. I know the RNG probably just hates me. is anyone else having my luck?


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The fourth one is indeed a skull - I got all 4 while clearing for the locations, in three separate trips...in total, perhaps 6 hours

skull was the last one to drop :toot:


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Along the same lines, but not entirely the same item.

Token of Zarad, for the blackscale off of these same mobs seems to be a ridiculous drop rate. If thats how its intended thats fine by me, but a little looking into to make sure it is working would be great.


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We spent a lot of time there doing the quest for 3 toons and we didn't see a Token of Zarad either.


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+1 on token of Zarad, I found one several months ago after about one clear, but since I've been searching for it on another char I have seen countless tarot cards but no token. I bet droprate has been nerfed. On the other hand, I finally found a sorceror chalice after weeks of going to Cmal1 though :toot:
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