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I'm looking some great (none-war) strategy/simulation/tycoon games like Constructors, Gangsters 1 & 2, Sim City, Victoria, Theme Hospital, Roller Coaster Tycoon.

I don't really follow game releases a lot, so anything I might have missed in the last ten years you can suggest would be great :keke:


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Spore was alright, and really fun at times. The Civilization series if you haven't played them are pretty great, and even though they can have a war aspect to them, you can also play them entirely diplomatically. Dwarf Fortress is just awesome for a pure building and hoarding fix, if a bit daunting to get into playing right away. All of these have fighting in them, but I mainly play them for the sim/building/trade stuff. I will also admit (with great shame upon my ancestors) that Viva Pinata was a pretty fun sim game too.

Now if you do want to play a great strictly war-type RTS game, I suggest Sins of a Solar Empire.


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Good thing you reminded me of Sin of a Solar Empire. The new expansion was just released, wasn't it? I played it a ton half a year ago.

I've played Civ 2 & 4 to death through my childhood up to now. I still find myself installing it once a year, and playing it a month, before growing bored with it.

I don't mind war games, as long as they have more aspects to them. Like Civ4, Victoria, Sin Of A Solar Empire, Stronghold, Lord Of The Realms III, Shogun: Total War.

I played Viva Pinata a bit, and it was okay, but it never quite caught my interest. Maybe I never gave it a real chance, idk.

Dinosaur Tycoon = DinoPark Tycoon? It looks exactly like Zoo Tycoon which I got a few days ago, because it seemed like a lot of people would list it in their top 10s over tycoon games. After I got it installed, it just seemed too slow paced in the campaign mode for me. The objective would be like "hire this guy, now do nothing for the next 10 minutes to prove you can keep this animal alive". Seemed really dull.

Merchant Prince is a good series, I'm just looking for newer games that might have slipped my eye, like Hospital Tycoon (which unfortunately had ton of potential, but was really really awful)


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Railroad Tycoon 3

3-d, runs on any computer less than about 8 years old, complex and intricate economic system spanning both railroads and industries, smooth learning curve but high top-out (easy to succeed as a newb but mastery makes it a whole different game).

Easily my favorite sim game ever.


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