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I just recreated my lowbie Shaman for the sake of enjoying seasonal Characters.
Upon engaging on the Newbie Quests I found, that they are most likely not working as intended.

Upon hailing Spirit Talker Grekal he initiates the first step. After collecting and turning the items in you receive the reward as it should be.
If you hail him again he will just trigger step I again. You have to manually say the correct line to trigger step 2 (works fine).

After completing that one you receive some fancy pants and a useless spell as a reward:

Spell: Spirit Armor - SoDWiki (shardsofdalaya.com)

I suppose, that this once had SHM on it but it doesn't anymore.

It has been mentioned in another thread, that the newbie Quests in Grobb are a little off. I guess this has somewhat been overlooked during the years. I experienced this in 2017 (there is a thread about it) and as far back as 2010 (posted about it as well).

Since new players don't automatically can come up with a workaround I think this should be looked into and corrected. The spell could be removed (or - since every step results in a spell as reward - just be replaced with another Spell of LVL 5 or 9).


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Fixed this; the quest rewards Shamans with Spell: Scale Skin now.

Spirit Talker will also re-offer the step 2 dialogue option instead of step 1.
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