SOD IS DEAD (GM Edit: Now with Haiku Contest!)


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35 fame for the best haiku about SoD being dead.

Edit: Expanded the contest. Check next page!


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/mocking sarcasm on

Hey this game is dead
I get nerfed cause devs hate me
Those jerks broke my shit

/mocking sarcasm off

Do I win? PS I don't think shards is dead and devs aren't jerks I was just trying to go along the lines of some of the dumb complaints around here!


Dalayan Pious Diety
sod is dead like dirt
No wait its really alive
My life is a lie

EDIT: Bonus haikus

Tier 9 is end game
My weight reduction bags nerfed
I cant hold this loot

El Snake Oh killed sod
Best monk in the entire game
Damn it El Snake Oh
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