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Can we please start a gofundme to raise funds for advertising the server with the goal of gaining new players in the community. Last night was the first time in months that I saw someone in /ooc saying there was an EXP grp looking for more. That and/or to raise funds to beef up the server/ISP so we can 3 box


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I will donate to this. Seeing the user base of Project 99, I think SoD can do much better.


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You know, the limit for two boxing was never about limiting bandwidth usage. It was about encouraging group play.


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So, 3 box better not happen. 2 box is ok, but I spent A LOT of time trying to convince a group of friends to come here from p99. In the end, they wouldn't because it's 2 box. I know we're all used to it here, but it is pretty sweet when you simply can not. I know, you don't have to, blah, blah. But when you can, you pretty much have to. I know it's impossible to ram the poo log down the shower drain with your foot, but I promise more would play here if it was 1 box.

Do you mean like ...Google ads? Can we do that? This is an unsanctioned emulator. Law blah blah, but probably shouldn't poke the bear, even if it appears dead and rotting.


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i'd quit this game immediately if boxing wasn't allowed. leveling and doing adepts would be absolutely hell for new players. can't imagine im the only one in this boat


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I don't box much anymore but removing boxing would be absolutely fucking annoying just from a porting standpoint, not to mention doing quests for alts or other odds and ends.

That's not even going into how unreasonable it'd be for most new people to level. You would have to have a massive increase in population to even consider it, something that's utterly unreasonable for a server like this.


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i hate boxing but most seem to like it. I'd wayrather have something like a mercenary to use as a crutch when no one else is around.


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I wouldn't want to play this game as is without boxing either. But if there was no boxing from the beginning and the game was developed as such, there is a chance this would have been the p99 or a counterpart. That is a big reason why people play 99. Not that is should be done but It would be interesting to restart this game with no boxing and see if the eqer's would come. It would be really fun (with a decent population).
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