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With the recent changes to the Kind Lady system, we've seen a large drop in population. And to a lesser degree, player activity whilst logged on.
If we can't coerce the staff to re-consider, I have some ideas on how to re-engage the current population, and bring more people into the fold from other games/servers!
And to me, I can only see it as a win/win for everyone on the server! (Gotta' love those situations!)

It has been suggested before, but I'm going to suggest it again, especially in the current state of Dalaya.
We should open a SECOND, fresh server. All new accounts, et cetera. We could have the server run for <x> amount of time, or forever, with a merge option to the home server.

- This gives existing high tier players a fun option for a semi-hardcore way of playing, where you won't be able to powerlevel, fund or assist your new characters! The greed in us all, makes it so hard to not just go buff, or twink a new character sometimes, haha!
- It will re-engage the current playerbase on things we've come to love about Dalaya!
- For returning players that already feel very left behind, it gives a much more open playing field - and makes time investment seem much more valuable. (Your 15+ year investment won't matter here, sans the knowledge you've gained, which is still a great bonus by the way!)
- For people playing other games, or on other Emu servers, this gives you a new opportunity to come in on the ground level of something big. With proper advertising + players spreading the word, we can expect an uptick in new/returning players to Dalaya!
- A merge option, will allow you to swap your character to the home server when you feel ready!

This has been brought up before, and the response seemed that the staff were not against the idea, but two things stood in the way.

Financial Cost of Server :
Staff Time Required to Start:

The Financial Cost could absolutely be crowdfunded by anyone who's interested, as i'm bringing this up - i'm more than willing to put my money where my mouth is.
Let the Dalaya community know around how much is needed to start, and maintain the second server - and allow us the opportunity to cover it!

The Staff time is another non-issue, simply state what kinds of help you may need with, and let the community offer help!

I think this could be a very fun and beneficial idea to the server(s) as a whole!
Please consider!
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While an interesting idea and I'd probably play on this server. I don't see the validity of some of your points. All your points save one can apply to the current server.

1) You bring up a good point about greed but you can just choose not to do that.
2) Maybe I'm missing the point on this. I don't think it will re-engage anyone by leveling up fresh toons. I'd like some more clarity on this point.
3) This will always happen. If this server happens you're going to have people rushing to the end game and with the population being low you'd be hard pressed to find groups after a month or two leveling up. It'll turn into Shards leveling pretty quickly without higher level characters to help you out or leech groups.
4) This is probably my favorite point you make. Perhaps something new like p99 did with the green server could work. What are your plans to advertise something like this?
5) This might create a void if lets say those people that level'd up really quickly just xfer off at T10ish. Then you're left with a dead server with people leveling up just to xfer off.

From my perspective I'm just failing to see why I would play on a new server instead of just starting an alt on SoD main. Perhaps you could elaborate more.

I'd be more behind some sort of progression style server. This has been very successful with EQ and WoW. I just don't know if SoD is the right fit for that model.


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So I'm not sure SoD is right for that. Green is more like a progression server which we know works in EQ. SoD doesn't really follow the same pattern of expansions. Also, consider the numbers for p99 vs SoD. P99 has/had around 1-1.5k players regularly. SoD I think the highest I ever saw was around 450 10ish years ago. P99 currently has a little more playing now with green being up and consider more people are familiar with p99.

I'm just not seeing the math for a new server in SoD. I'd think a more aggressive advertisement of the server first to get the numbers up and then a new server might be something worth looking into.

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force red flags on the whole server and when you die to another player your character is deleted.

last man standing gets his character carried over to the fresh server.


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a new server would be enjoyable for me, but i don't see it actually solving any long term issues.


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I think this would be a good way to bring back old players and draw in some new players. Though, the only way I could see a new server working is if it folded into the original server after 6-12 months. That would prevent the two servers => zero naysaying from coming to pass.

That said, the "problems" with SoD run a lot deeper than a spike in population is going to fix. I say "problems" because they're only problems for like 99% of gamers, for the rest they'll keep playing SoD and being happy so that's what you get.
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