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This is the issue I had leading the only other guild you had going last season. You have the sod lifers who are going to dominate all the content. I understand my guild was more casual and I was more than ok with letting them progress there toons past say tier 4-5 so then at a point that content would become easier to find up at some point. The problem is this guild will need 2-3 months to do this content and by the end of that the season is over and I just ended up leading a guild that didn't find much up to do in the evenings and the little we did find up we were going into with characters who were extremely under powered. I'm talking 3 months into the season and only having 1 single cleric heal, btw that cleric got bored and stopped playing after 1.5 months because of these issues. I'm not talking about relics, the basic ass heal at lvl 61+ we had basically none. None of our healers could do any meaningful healing and this would not be aweful if this was my situation 2 weeks into server up but this is how my guild was looking after 3 months of 18+ people grinding many hours a day. If your gonna do a season, make it permanent. We want a fresh whipe. Your seasons won't fix these issues and I won't return unless its a full whipe / permanent season


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Did you guys have wizards? Bards? At least one tryhard cleric? A tryhard monk?

D maps/VD maps (ancients)
Freeport nameds (hom quest)
DHK/Stormkeep (ancients)
Dreadfang Spire (ancients)
Ancient Rock T/Ancient Wind T (relics)
Halls of Misery (relics)(finish the quest)
Water/Entropy/Torment (relics)
Gotss (key to prison)
(Is your guild still playing or have your healers and DPS been recruited away yet?)
Catacombs nameds (relics)
Air/Earth/Nightmare (relics)
Sepulcher (relics)(key to cod)
Caverns of Darkness (relics)
ED maps (relics)
Outer prison/Inner prison

If you really got 18+ people grinding away *daily* yall shouldve crushed your way down this list in two months time easy, how many raiding guilds were really active during season 1 and how many folks were boxing? I can't believe all that gucci tier 1 to 3 stuff was kept on lockdown 24/7 as just the clears would take a while, and there's lots to choose from say tier 3 to 6. SoD is dog eat dog tho, get the claim or move on


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possible solution to solve issue for short league is to up spawn rates that would be a lot of fun, super fast like 12 hr repop or something

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the solution to solve short leagues being garbage is to make them last longer, hopefully everyone learned that.
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