Season Two


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With Sod season 2 offering rewards for clearing bosses all the way to Rujik within 9 months theres going to have to be some organization if people want to obtain those rewards. Sadly so far it seems like nobody else wants to get the ball rolling so here I go again. The purpose of the guild is to clear the bosses that offer cosmetics and to experience the game in a constricted fashion that doesn't involve just loading characters with 100 days played and making alt #14. If this is something you'd like to accomplish then maybe this is the guild for you.

There are some things I'd like to make clear and are important to be transparent about before just randomly inviting everyone into a guild. I have basically zero problems with inviting practically anyone into the guild outside of people that are disruptive to raids and or just generally start trouble. Outside of the typical dont be racist / homophobic etc type shit I ask for complete understanding that the purpose of the guild is to get harder monsters dead. Unfortunately there are both a strict number on total raiders and classes per raid which cannot be changed.

In terms of loot, the guild is trying to get things dead not gear alts with the sickest tier 5 loot in the game. If loot is a driving factor of your fun with the game and causes problems if you're not being showered in it then I am trying my best to say it on repeat - that is not the purpose of the guild. We beat generals in season one and almost none of our characters were super geared.

If you are looking to hang out and fight shit feel free to ask for an invite, even if you are not super efficient at the game or have limited play time and just want to hang out thats fine. What's important is your whole life doesn't revolve around loot and we're just all trying to have fun.

Going to start raids around the 10th of january no rush if you're not leveled as there are 9 months to beat the game. Uncertain of classes needed and what not but hopefully can have a better idea once we get going.



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lleoc is the hero we deserve

ill for sure be a hang out guy not a raiding guy, but will be real interested in how far people can get with 9 months. i hope tev posts lots more boss kill videos


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Good meme! I’m just asking for an actual answer because I play on pacific time and I know most guilds raid during eastern time hours. It would be helpful to know if I’ll actually be able to join the raids.

Also, how does loot allocation work? Is it assigned by a loot council?
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