Runic: Celestial Well


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First off, I think this spell is great but with more and more higher tier fights becoming movement driven I feel it is unrealistic to have a 15 second cast time on a spell. As it is now I feel this spell is under-utilized and I, personally, have not seen it cast on our raids in quite some time (a few months). This is largely due to the fact that it takes way too long to cast to use it any other time than mob engage.

What I propose is simple: cut most of the cast time and tack it onto the recast.

how the spell is now

Runic: Celestial Well
cast time: 15.10
fizzle time: 2.50
recast time: 30.00
mana: 800
range: 100

my proposed change

Runic: Celestial Well
cast time: 3.00
fizzle time: 2.50
recast time: 45.00
mana: 800
range: 100

This would allow the spell to be cast during a fight without much worry of the tank suddenly exploding and would be a nice re-addition to a clerics arsenal of how she deals with group damage. Plus it would be cool to see bliss be eaten a lot more.

Thanks for your time and God Bless.


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i used to try to use this spell for the first few months i had it, but eventually i realized the benefits don't outweigh the downsides

make it not overwrite spiritual bliss, or even better just change it to a direct group heal that doesn't take a buff slot. even betterer, make it just a permanent pet that follows the cleric and heals people in your group occasionally, a la wizard familiar.

i would love to see all the weaker runic2s (bard and cleric probably the 2 worst) get looked at, i think that for the Time Dollar investment it takes to get runic2, they should all at least be useful.


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I support this and enjoy it.

I use the spell whenever I can(one fight aww yeah) and think it's pretty mediocre, but the cast time is pretty ridiculous as pointed out in the OP. On the overwriting SB thing, I would love to see that removed as to promote more diverse buff choices, but if it must stay the way it is then so be it.


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The other change I could see working is to just up its duration to 10 min, then it can be cast before engage and still be useful most of the fight if you can stay in the same area. 300 hp / tic just isn't that powerful in the end, and at this tier you are always hurting for buffspots.


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Originally it was going to be a self only pet, perma rooted in the spot, that did a group heal every X that did not overwrite anything that lasted 5 minutes.

The spell was implemented wrong and got put in as it is now and we sort of just left it.

That being said the new zeitgeist is against making clerics any more the group healing champions of the world.


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Is there any chance that its heal messages to "My Spells" could be moved to another channel, along with other heal messages? Ideally, not "Wear Off", "Resists", or "Other"?


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just want to add that if this spell gets fixed to being usable it would push clerics further ahead in group heal-ability, sure. But it would also allow other classes (druid, shaman) to become better at group heal while stepping on less toes as per the thread that slaariel made.
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I'll agree the cast time makes it useless mid fight most of the time, I usually only cast it
before engage then it poofs after a while and that's that. So a quicker cast time would help.
But I'd also make it a 350 heal that the pet does instead of a 350 regen buff
that gets spammed on your group every tick that snipes buffs and causes your
group to bitch at you.

I'm totally fine with the pet depoping after a while, and I'm totally
fine with it being perma rooted, it makes it situational and not OP.

Also making it a 350 heal every tick isntead of a 350 regen buff every tick wont make
clerics the "group healing champions of the world", it'll still be 350 a tick, just with
out an annoying buff being spamed sniping other buffs / annoying everyone in
your group.

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the long recast / cooldown time is prob why i dont use this spell more
i usualy end up having to load this spell in my ghot or yaulp spot on spell bar
cause rarely am i able to have a fulltime spell gem spot for it, yet need to load it way early if i intend to use it.

and if i dont have it ready to go already b4 engage,
thats 30sec waiting on spell gem pop, and 15sec waiting on cast
then if u dont want to start ever fight with 92% mana, u need 30sec to med.

ill cast it sometimes if i have time to prepare for it, but alot of times raids are semi rushed
and i dont have 45sec or even 20sec between the "Everyone Ready" stage, and the "Hot the Tanks stage"
Peeps are usualy antsy as is after buffing and meding for 5min. Having to say sec on wells for 2min mo once everyone was ready
usualy ends in someone going afk rq and then raid waits nother 2min lol.

Can def remember alot of times where i would be mid well cast and tank would be going in,
so i just dont use it unless there is downtime anymore. =(
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A self buff that increases your overhaste/combat stats by a large amount, but reduces your single target healing by 90%. Short cast time, moderate duration, no recast. Not posting numbers because I don't know what would be reasonable, but the idea being that it boosts your melee dps but makes your single target heals do very little(including Marty's line?). Almost like a DPS stance? Possible Tome idea that gives you a stance that does the same thing?
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