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Resurgum is a raiding guild. They tend to hit targets as they are able, and usually begin in the 6-8 pm est range.

For their class needs, applications and other info, go to

Alternately you can find an officer online for more info. Braas (Seicair) or Marthog
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We're currently not looking for much. We could definitely use an active bard, and would take another on-tier chanter or cleric for raids. We're not completely closed to anyone if you're active enough and not a turd, but we don't have a ton of open room in raids atm.


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Geez. Give me a week ill be back to fulfill all of your barding/cleric dreams


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Resurgum is still killing big stuff and having fun. If you're not up to tier but willing to catch up quickly feel free to apply or check out some of our resources:

Looking for active people. Clerics, dps classes except monk/rogue/mage, maybe an active tank if you're willing to play something else for some stuff.

Just submitted an application. Lot of info in the comments section. Let me know.


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Resurgum is still killing big things. Maybe room for caster dps or ranger. Or other non-tank class maybe.
Lower tiered people who are motivated to get caught up can apply too. Can PM me for more details. Our forums and our wiki are good places to get basic info.
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