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I already had this posted in another thread, but decided I wouldnt mind it having its own thread.

Ruin just slapped this together for fun, and am hoping to get some feedback on it. Ruin hasnt done everything on the list, so for those who have it woul dbe nice to get their opinion.

I give you, the Raid Tiers!!

Tier 1-

Animal Named (Gnok, Plaguefang etc)
Dreadfang Tower up to Yinazra
West Waste Dragons
Lower freeport named
Ancient Deepfiend
Parcelain and Mielech

Tier 2-

Firkaal and West Dragonhorn Keep named
Enforcer Hsargh, High Priest Colrasha and Fluxator
Ancient Wind Torrent
Mushkl and Dblash in Torment
Mi Firah, Livia, High Scholar in Air.

Tier 3-

Faralak and other lesser named in SE
North Dragonhorn sans Zirvane and TR
Misery sans boss
Windrider in air
Shadowlord Kas'Thox (Freeport Boss)
King Rymaz

Tier 4-

Agonizer, Abom, Spiders and Gibber in torment
Zirvane and TR in DHK
Misery Boss
GoTSS and MotEC in Everchill
Great Librarian in SE

Tier 5-

Warden, Rotters in torment
Seductress, Sultan, and High Lady in air
Master of the Gates in Prison
Scribe in Sepulcher
Dergalak in SE

Tier 6-

Eurikos, Xavara, Spouses and gishna in Sepulcher
Mirrors and Manifestations in Prison.
Arbitor of Air in PoA
DOTO in sepulcher

Tier 7-

Taeshlin the Guardian
CoD sans Versikol
Blissfull in Air

Tier 8-

Inner Prison in its entirety
Versikol in COD
4 Lower Thazerans wings

Tier 9-

Upper Thaz
Sanctum in Prison


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I'd put the SK giants and WW dragons on Tier 0, along with EDHK minis and FP named.

Tier 6
Mirror Golems
Vansiathi the Blissful

Tier 7
Caverns of Darkness
Taeshlin the Guardian
Tier 7.5
Mini bosses in Thazeran's Tower

Tier 8
Inner Prison
Lower Thazeran

Tier 9
Upper Thazeran

Tier 10
Inner Sanctum
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