Question Night, June 6th 2020


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[Sat Jun 06 20:04:08 2020] You broadcast, 'Welcome to Q&A night. We're going to get started now. If you have questions, please check the front page for a link to the submission form and we'll be going through the questions in order for probably around 2 hours or until we run out of questions'
[Sat Jun 06 20:05:01 2020] You broadcast, 'We'll broadcast each question before answering in broadcast as well'

[Sat Jun 06 20:11:29 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'What are the plans for people who have maxed out their exp options?'

[Sat Jun 06 20:12:36 2020] You broadcast, 'One option is to make an alt, though that doesn't always appeal to everybody. We're definitely aware that maxing out exp is an issue and are looking into creative ways to spend exp. One option that's open to us with the 2.5 client is new AAs and we've been adding a few new ones like Suspend Pet. Suggestions are also always welcome on the forums.'

[Sat Jun 06 20:14:10 2020] You broadcast, 'Are there plans to rework Relic buff spells into something else with the introduction of the kind lady?'

[Sat Jun 06 20:15:18 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'The kind lady has never been intended to be a permanent fixture in cities, as referenced in her dialog. The original intention was to be an occsaional GM spawn which would despawn after a period of time, but ended up getting added to most cities. Next patch she'll go back to being a random spawn, but entirely automated rather than GM spawned.'
[Sat Jun 06 20:17:19 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'The spawn mechanic is similar to the traveling merchant.'
[Sat Jun 06 20:18:25 2020] You broadcast, 'We're also open to more ideas of how to improve the startup time to get from login to being inside a dungeon so there's not as much setup time required for buffing, etc'

[Sat Jun 06 20:20:13 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'What are your thoughts on rate of progression of rank 2 and 3 bounty items?'

[Sat Jun 06 20:22:28 2020] You broadcast, 'Overall we're pretty happy with the bounty system as a daily system which players who don't have as much time to raid and group can jump in and do a bounty. I would also like to see more variety in the bounty system so they're not just the same bounties on a 10 day cycle'
[Sat Jun 06 20:22:39 2020] You broadcast, 'I added a feature a few days ago to allow you to translocate from Thurgadin to the nearest wizard spire to your bounty target, so you can get into your bounty quicker without needing to shuffle wizard boxes around to port'

[Sat Jun 06 20:25:14 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'This is a 3 part question. 1. Is there a plan to add more spells?'
[Sat Jun 06 20:25:37 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, '1. Yes, we always have plans to keep adding content, which includes spells.'
[Sat Jun 06 20:26:05 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, '2. WIll those spells be locked behind top tier raid content?'

[Sat Jun 06 20:27:22 2020] You broadcast, 'No, we generally try to make new content available to as many players as possible. With the Ikisith phase 1 release, there were 4 new spells added per class. Out of those 4 spells, only 1 requires high end raiding'
[Sat Jun 06 20:27:40 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, '3. Do the developers intend to fix the lack of spell progression with itemization, why or why not?'
[Sat Jun 06 20:28:06 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, '3. No, we intend to fix spell progression with updates to existing spells or new spells. The reason we don't balance classes with items is because it's bad game design. Gear should never solve a class balance issue and it creates "irreplaceable" items that can only be replaced with even more powerful carbon-copies of the same item.'

[Sat Jun 06 20:29:52 2020] You broadcast, 'Is the direction of the game to speed players towards groups of higher tier players?'

[Sat Jun 06 20:30:25 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'No. If you rush every player to the end, the consequence is no players would exist in low level areas.'
[Sat Jun 06 20:31:11 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Are there plans to make the newer player experience less dependant on ringers?'
[Sat Jun 06 20:31:47 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'Ultimately ringers will probably always be a part of the server and it's difficult to change that without stifling the community, however part of our rebalancing of lower level content is to make newer players more self-sufficient so they are not so reliant on ringers.'

[Sat Jun 06 20:33:25 2020] Dev-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Are there plans to add new caster spells to fill gaps in current spell progression?'

[Sat Jun 06 20:34:56 2020] You broadcast, 'This goes back to a previous answer, but we're looking at where current gaps are in progression to smooth out scaling of various spell lines both for early levels up through 65 and beyond. An example of this is that next patch, paladin self heal progression has been readjusted across the board to fill in the gaps between each of the spells in the line'
[Sat Jun 06 20:38:06 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'To begin this long process, Paladins will be getting a new level 65 self heal spell. We will continue to review spell lines and add spells as needed.'
[Sat Jun 06 20:38:33 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, '*Next patch (forgot that part)'

[Sat Jun 06 20:40:05 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Next question: Tanks and healers do triple the damage they should be doing.'

[Sat Jun 06 20:40:36 2020] You broadcast, 'That's not a question, but good observation!'

[Sat Jun 06 20:44:43 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Can you make intelligence scale how much base spell damage a player does instead of adding new spells?'

[Sat Jun 06 20:46:48 2020] You broadcast, 'We'd like to find better ways to scale damage/heals post-65 for sure. We have a few ideas including scaling with AAs or other similar methods'

[Sat Jun 06 20:48:15 2020] You broadcast, 'Next question: nerf taesh boots so devs can make an upgrade'

[Sat Jun 06 20:50:28 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Not a question, but we can look into it.'

[Sat Jun 06 20:52:07 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'What is the technical hurdle preventing show helmet from working and Is there someone actively working on fixing it?'

[Sat Jun 06 20:52:56 2020] You broadcast, 'I'm not completely sure of the reason but I believe this is due to us not sending packets that the client is expecting. I added it to our issue tracker and will work on fixing it for either next patch or a later one.'

[Sat Jun 06 20:59:08 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Is the Magus in Thazerans Tower an imprisoned Malath (meaning the Four lied about this destruction)'

[Sat Jun 06 21:00:19 2020] You broadcast, 'No, Malath is definitely dead and blown up. He doesn't have any connection to the soul pool, but the Ysthar did try to bring him back from the dead (see The Reborn Malath fight)'

[Sat Jun 06 21:01:28 2020] You broadcast, 'Question: How come "a lost wizard" has nothing to pickpocket? Also, can pick pocket become more fun?'

[Sat Jun 06 21:02:07 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Oh man, that sounds like a lot of work. Looking for dev applications.'

[Sat Jun 06 21:02:56 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Is there a plan to finish the unfinished class tomes?'

[Sat Jun 06 21:04:14 2020] You broadcast, 'The future is AAs and that's where our primary focus is now for new exp. New abilities would be added via AAs rather than tomes'

[Sat Jun 06 21:06:47 2020] You broadcast, 'Question: How serious are you about "looking for new dev applications?" What is the process for applying?'

[Sat Jun 06 21:09:10 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Determine what your vision and reason for being a dev is. As an example for a vision, find something new or existing you want to add or improve. Create a technical document to present this idea. Submit your idea and skillset to a current staff member. Many similar methods that you might see in a job interview apply here.'

[Sat Jun 06 21:10:53 2020] Dev-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Will Wiz ever return? '

[Sat Jun 06 21:11:56 2020] You broadcast, 'There s no plans for Wiz to come back but he's welcome back anytime. He's a bigshot video game developer nowadays so he's living his dream. (He's currently making Stellaris and probably other games)'

[Sat Jun 06 21:14:49 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Can the front page be updated with current staff members listed? Who is the current GM-Admin?'

[Sat Jun 06 21:17:40 2020] Dev-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Done. As for the current GM-Admin, that position is currently vacant. jumbers and taryth are filling in for those duties right now'

[Sat Jun 06 21:17:57 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'What are the developers' vision for SoD in the present/future?'

[Sat Jun 06 21:18:53 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Dev-Cole; Wade through and complete percieved or real balance issues that hinder future developement so that new content can be added unhindered. To continue to provide content for all player demographics. Support administration with vision of the server. Continue to learn cool new programming things.'
[Sat Jun 06 21:20:02 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'My personal vision is to see fleshed out content for all aspects of the game, such as how the quest I put in recently is an addition to other content.'
[Sat Jun 06 21:21:16 2020] You broadcast, 'For me, my goal is to get as many stability and bug issues worked out, while adding new features both player-facing and dev-facing so we can get new and unique content into the game'
[Sat Jun 06 21:22:26 2020] Dev-Olive BROADCASTS, 'I've done a lot of content for SoD in the past, including work on the 2.5 update. But today, I am excited to return to the SoD family with new and exciting development tools'

[Sat Jun 06 21:23:23 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'What zones/quests/content in general is awaiting approval? Anything concrete planned? '

[Sat Jun 06 21:23:56 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'Yes. And yes. =)'

[Sat Jun 06 21:25:35 2020] Dev-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Going along with the last question - How many total zones should we expect for Ikisith phase 2?'

[Sat Jun 06 21:26:21 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Seven! The zone connection map on the wiki is still accurate.'

[Sat Jun 06 21:29:35 2020] You broadcast, 'Question: I think the bottom up balancing approach that Dev-Cole is taking is better than the typical top down approach that we have seen historically'

[Sat Jun 06 21:33:05 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Thank you, it is fun. There is a bit more quests than I imagined, I think 1-5 will be buffed for next patch (Using the wiki for quest level breakdown). I think each range per patch might be easy to do. This can continue to level 65. I can elaborate a bit more. All the BoEs from South Wastes to The Cesspits (if you sort by min level on the wiki) will be buffed next patch. '
[Sat Jun 06 21:34:55 2020] You broadcast, 'The items that get buffed will retroactively apply to anybody who already has them'

[Sat Jun 06 21:36:26 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Whats the deal with the enhanced medding msg while surrounded by allies?'

[Sat Jun 06 21:37:20 2020] You broadcast, 'When you're in a raid of 12 of more and not in combat, you meditate at a faster rate to help caster/healer recovery. We're still evaluating if any other changes are needed'

[Sat Jun 06 21:41:36 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'What content requires nerfs for balance reasons? Will there be discussion prior to these nerfs?'

[Sat Jun 06 21:42:16 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'The unfortunate reality is that some balance requires nerfs, and not everyone will see eye to eye with staff's vision of the game. We do plan to release equally good buffs at the same time as any major nerf. The hard part is determining and implementing good buffs. Asking the player base for input sometimes is difficult as we are not able to unveil the full scope of changes without major spoilers.'

[Sat Jun 06 21:44:51 2020] You broadcast, 'Question: Will Thazeran's hardmodes be reworked so that they can be done with multiple guilds killing in Upper Thaz?'

[Sat Jun 06 21:45:15 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'We have talked about this a lot and have several solutions ready to go, it is almost done.'

[Sat Jun 06 21:46:25 2020] Dev-Olive BROADCASTS, 'There was a mention in the past about implementing a recipe system for items that you are past trivial on. Is this still in discussion?'

[Sat Jun 06 21:48:22 2020] You broadcast, 'That recipe system became available to us with the 2.5 client upgrade and we're definitely open to making this available to trivial recipes to start with. There's a decent amount of code work to do to implement this but we're tracking it in our code repo'

[Sat Jun 06 21:54:24 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Improv question: @Jumbers - What new feature do you have in the works?'

[Sat Jun 06 21:56:45 2020] You broadcast, 'In an upcoming patch, probably not this next one but the one afterward, we'll be adding the Find button to help players locate things in cities. If you've never seen the feature in action, you can view a list of all shopkeepers, bankers, etc in a city and a path appears in front of you that leads you to the NPC. This should really help new players to get around and find things they're looking for including newbie quest givers'

[Sat Jun 06 21:58:11 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'There's no melee equivalent to razad silent spells, any chance of an equivent?'

[Sat Jun 06 21:59:47 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Aspect of the Predator I / II tome is already in the game.'

[Sat Jun 06 22:01:04 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans to 'revamp' older zones by resuing or recycling them?'
[Sat Jun 06 22:01:36 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'reuse* Quality control failure alert'

[Sat Jun 06 22:02:22 2020] You broadcast, 'We generally focus on adding new zones, rather than destroying old content to reinvent it. We have plenty of unused zones that we got access to with the 2.5 upgrade. Only the most worthless and hated of zones are ever destroy. Except Thaz though, that was a nightmare of a zone'

[Sat Jun 06 22:03:18 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Time to ask the essay question:'
[Sat Jun 06 22:04:15 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Can rogue dependancy on Ortananoch (overhaste) be addressed?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:06:22 2020] Dev-Olive BROADCASTS, 'We know about this issue and have been discussing it quite a bit. The solution requires nerfing the item, reviewing DPS of rogues after the fact, then adjusting accordingly. Items should never fix class balance. A lot of fixes involve nerfs, and we don t want to just nerf everything, so we want to find nice offsets to buff at the same time.'

[Sat Jun 06 22:07:19 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Are bard's intended to be a melee class? If not, will bards get new spells to promote non-melee play?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:09:06 2020] You broadcast, 'We want to move bards away from top melee DPS and shift their DPS back to support/songs/utility. The bard already brings a large portion of DPS in the form of songs applied to a raid. If we make changes, we would also attribute bard song damage increase to the bard (think how Gift of the Giantkin was changed several years back to attribute the damage to the enchanter)'

[Sat Jun 06 22:10:34 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Will Shamans get group heals?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:13:08 2020] You broadcast, 'Group heals don't fit into the role of a shaman. Their unique identity is fulfilled through single target healing, cannibalize, utility (debuffs, slows, etc), and solid single target DPS via dots'

[Sat Jun 06 22:13:34 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'What changes do you guys think would make the server more enjoyable? What could be done to advertise or grow the server? '

[Sat Jun 06 22:16:16 2020] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Nerfing things generally makes us happy so that is one answer. I don't know if that would be good for advertisements though.'
[Sat Jun 06 22:16:52 2020] You broadcast, 'We put Deein to work and he advertises the heck out of the server. Give some love to Deein! We're also considering advertising more broadly'
[Sat Jun 06 22:17:13 2020] You broadcast, 'Also word of mouth is a great way to get new players involved'
[Sat Jun 06 22:17:35 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'Please wear a mask when using word of mouth.'

[Sat Jun 06 22:19:31 2020] You broadcast, 'Is there any plan to flesh out and balance 6 man content progression?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:20:27 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Yes, we love 6 man content. There are definite gaps that could be addressed.'

[Sat Jun 06 22:21:49 2020] You broadcast, 'Somebody asked if the answers are going to be posted anywhere. They''ll be posted on to the forums afterward'

[Sat Jun 06 22:22:05 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Any thoughts to upgrade the server and be able to use more recent zones?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:23:36 2020] You broadcast, 'If the question means upgrading the client, this is a massive project to go through again so there are no plans currently, but that may change in the future. We did however get access to many more zones with the 2.5 upgrade and we take them into consideration when working on new content'

[Sat Jun 06 22:25:47 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Can Enchanter's Control Enchancement boost the level of charm? Currently there are not enough NPCs to charm'

[Sat Jun 06 22:28:08 2020] You broadcast, 'Changing the level of charm would require a rebalancing and adjusting the majority of the NPCs in the game to prevent unintended consequences and break a bunch of content. What we would like to do is add charm specific mobs to exp zones so enchanters can use charm while grouping. In addition, charm is not exclusive to enchanters, so adding charm mobs can also benefit other classes'

[Sat Jun 06 22:31:15 2020] You broadcast, 'Question: Is Nalansar in Sundered Caverns supposed to be The Cold One?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:32:26 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'Nalansar, and his lore, may be fleshed out later into the story. '

[Sat Jun 06 22:36:13 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Any plans to allow clickies from bags? (not sure if client upgrade needed?)'

[Sat Jun 06 22:36:34 2020] You broadcast, 'This is something that later clients allow, but ours does not unfortunately'

[Sat Jun 06 22:38:36 2020] You broadcast, 'Did Cabin Boy Shin die after falling off the boat? Will we see him again in phase 2?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:40:14 2020] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'He ded =('
[Sat Jun 06 22:40:23 2020] Dev-Olive BROADCASTS, 'rip'
[Sat Jun 06 22:41:45 2020] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'His unreleased LP will be released with the phase 2 soundtrack tho'

[Sat Jun 06 22:42:47 2020] You broadcast, 'Along with the rebalancing of lower level quests and items, will lower level tradeskill items be buffed as well?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:44:04 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Yes, this can be addressed. Perhaps we can add higher tier recipes.'

[Sat Jun 06 22:44:20 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Will there be an illusion for dragon?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:44:35 2020] You broadcast, 'Only when you hit 50% HP'

[Sat Jun 06 22:47:48 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Any plans to retire all tomes and convert them into AAs?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:49:33 2020] You broadcast, 'This is definitely on our radar. It's a fairly large project to do, but overall it would be a better player experience to use AAs rather than tomes. The reason tomes exist in the first place was due to our old client having all AAs hardcoded into it'

[Sat Jun 06 22:51:05 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Crypt of Nadox always seemed like a good game design decision for a server like this, allowing for high-tier and low-tier players to be on a relatively more even playing field. Is there any plans for implementing content like that again, or generally any content that is more skill-based, and not necessarily locked behind a certain tier of gear?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:54:40 2020] You broadcast, 'We all love Nadox too. When we changed to a new scripting language a while back, Nadox broke and the dev who created the zone was no longer around to fix it. The code involved in the stat adjustments are fairly complex and it's difficult to get the mechanics working again. No promises, but we'll see if we can decipher its mysteries'

[Sat Jun 06 22:55:59 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans to address caster power scaling vs Melee? IE: All melee need to do to be useful is get weapons + a few tomes, casters need Ancient/Relic/Archaic/Runics/Silent Halls spells, + tomes usually including a large class tomes.'

[Sat Jun 06 22:56:33 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'Yes, we have been discussing this internally. We're tackling things one at a time so that there's no massive changes all happening at once. The current project is to bring tanks back their original strengths.'

[Sat Jun 06 22:57:18 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Can we get a way to combine gate necks into a single item?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:59:07 2020] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Yes but the new item won't gate anywhere anymore =('

[Sat Jun 06 23:00:21 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Will the gods (e.g., Sihala) ever be killable mobs?'

[Sat Jun 06 23:02:22 2020] You broadcast, 'A long time ago (2005 or earlier), there were plans to make the gods a one-time killable event, including loot tables and fights, but this was scrapped because it would change a lot of lore and quests to have gods be killed. There are some limited examples of fighting a god, such as the Enthann fight, but there's no plans to actually kill them'

[Sat Jun 06 23:05:35 2020] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'When will knockbacks work again?'

[Sat Jun 06 23:05:51 2020] You broadcast, 'I'm working on it I promise'

[Sat Jun 06 23:10:17 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Can charm fund credits be added to other locations?'

[Sat Jun 06 23:11:20 2020] You broadcast, 'We like the idea of spreading this out to lower level content as well if we add more tiers of credit across the levels and add them as global drops using magical mathematics'

[Sat Jun 06 23:12:39 2020] Dev-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Would it be possible to combine AoD and Somantic lines to free up spell gems? How about allowing lycanthropic to stack with other illusions?'

[Sat Jun 06 23:18:20 2020] You broadcast, 'Juggling spell gems is part of class balance and enchanters are currently quite powerful. We are however looking to fix some thematic problems with enchanters'

[Sat Jun 06 23:21:31 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'What is the intent of knight mana? '

[Sat Jun 06 23:21:44 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'Consume mana, cast spell. Next question.'

[Sat Jun 06 23:21:49 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Do you feel like it's working as intended? '

[Sat Jun 06 23:22:00 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'Knights can cast spells.'
[Sat Jun 06 23:22:06 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'successfuly at that'

[Sat Jun 06 23:22:10 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Can Knight mana limitations be addressed?'

[Sat Jun 06 23:23:12 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'Tank balance will be addressed, but other things need to happen before this to get a better idea of what a fix would be (or if it's a problem)'

[Sat Jun 06 23:27:40 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'How and when did Saitha die? She was fine in spires but is suddenly dead in Silent Halls.'

[Sat Jun 06 23:29:10 2020] You broadcast, 'There's some plot inconsistencies with that fight and we're planning to correct it with some retconning'

[Sat Jun 06 23:32:45 2020] You broadcast, 'How are you looking to address high tier caster balance?'

[Sat Jun 06 23:34:01 2020] Dev-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Spell balance is a current issue of interest. We are actively working on smoothing the curve of spell progression during the early game up to the first few raid tiers. This involves both itemization as well as later forms of spell scaling.'

[Sat Jun 06 23:42:51 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'What happened with the long-term exploitation of Sharn'ree? Can we get a staff response as to what actions if any were taken as a result?'

[Sat Jun 06 23:44:14 2020] Dev-Olive BROADCASTS, 'Good question'
[Sat Jun 06 23:53:38 2020] You broadcast, 'We looked into this encounter and confirmed that there was an obvious exploit being utilized by specific guilds. We have a list of the loot gained through this exploit and will be purging it. As a reminder, it is the responsibility of each player to report obviously broken encounters to staff.'
[Sun Jun 07 00:02:21 2020] You broadcast, 'We've been doing well on funds in the last few months and currently have a surplus. Stability issues are mainly code-related than server-related and I recently fixed a number of memory corruption issues which have been crashing zones. There are more fixes in the pipeline for improving zone stability (hopefully Forest of the Fallen)'

[Sun Jun 07 00:05:35 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Will we see a return of Saetha's love-child?'

[Sun Jun 07 00:05:55 2020] GM-Deein BROADCASTS, 'cabin boy shin is dead'
[Sun Jun 07 00:05:57 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'Cabin bo'
[Sun Jun 07 00:06:01 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'YOU BEAT ME'
[Sun Jun 07 00:06:44 2020] Admin-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'We are waiting for our ESRB petition to be rated X to come back before bringing back the love child plot line.'
[Sun Jun 07 00:07:16 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'How does Saitha come back from the dead? Doctors hate her!'

[Sun Jun 07 00:08:37 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Can exhaust timers be lowered?'

[Sun Jun 07 00:09:10 2020] You broadcast, 'Most exhaustive stances are fairly powerful and we consider the current exhaustion timers to be balanced to the benefits you receive from the stances'

[Sun Jun 07 00:10:06 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Is there any plan to implement some sort of shortened version of the Main Quest, etc in addition to fleshing out the 1-65 experience?'

[Sun Jun 07 00:11:33 2020] Dev-Olive BROADCASTS, 'It would be counterproductive from our standpoint to simultaneously add new content yet allow people to skip the content they don't prefer.'

[Sun Jun 07 00:15:36 2020] You broadcast, 'Thank you all for participating. We're just going to wrap up with one final question and then we'll post the transcript to the forums'

[Sun Jun 07 00:17:50 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Final Question: Will events, other than players blessing zones, be involved to incentivize streaming, to help the server?'

[Sun Jun 07 00:19:28 2020] GM-Deein BROADCASTS, 'Unfortunately the only way I've been able to get help in promoting the server is with streams ( no actual advert funds ). Asking, begging, kicking, screaming got no help. Asking for to stream for a blessed zone of choice is not a big deal. (unless you like western plaguelands as your level 65 zone )'
[Sun Jun 07 00:21:19 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Ill answer as well. I think working with the player base to improve the game they love is a great way to promote the server.'
[Sun Jun 07 00:23:17 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'I would say each dev put in a good 60 hours working on content/fixes. Woldo worked for 3 minutes and 45 seconds.'
[Sun Jun 07 00:23:32 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'this week*'
[Sun Jun 07 00:23:52 2020] Dev-Duke BROADCASTS, 'He made a mob walk earlier, I think. That's a lot of work.'
[Sun Jun 07 00:24:08 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Then he murdered Dev-Jumbers'


Dalayan Beginner
Will we be seeing some of the unanswered questions and comments from last night get addressed anywhere?


Dalayan Beginner
As it is right now, tradeskilling (especially lower level) needs desperate love if you're goign to buff lower level gear. Starting learners weapons are better than anything you can make for at least 100+ blacksmithing.


Staff member
As it is right now, tradeskilling (especially lower level) needs desperate love if you're goign to buff lower level gear. Starting learners weapons are better than anything you can make for at least 100+ blacksmithing.
[Sat Jun 06 22:42:47 2020] You broadcast, 'Along with the rebalancing of lower level quests and items, will lower level tradeskill items be buffed as well?'

[Sat Jun 06 22:44:04 2020] Dev-Cole BROADCASTS, 'Yes, this can be addressed. Perhaps we can add higher tier recipes.'
We already have plans to work on those as well.
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