Dalayan Beginner
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Pretentious is a social-first, casual progression Guild. We've formed a group of cool people together to progress our pixels with.

If you like bullshittin' with the guys, and want to progress your Dalayian Native, come check us out!

Who We're Looking For:
Any active mained characters you're interested in progressing. Level/gear/quests aren't required if you're serious about playing your character.
The "main" raid force is currently seeking an active-mained Cleric/Shaman/Bard. But we try to alternate people into most content, so you'll get opportunities to progress!

Raid Times:
Thurs/Saturday 8-11:30pm (EST)

Offnights are almost always active with maps, raids, groups, 6 and 12mans!

If this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to contact me any time.
In-game - Thorheim
Discord - Thorheim (SoD Channel)
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