Patch Notes - September 23rd, 2022

  • Vrik the Sly is seeking help in rescuing one of his Agents. Speak to him in the Refuge to learn more. (Will be active at 9PM Eastern)
  • Level 65 players will be able to find a new alchemist quest...
  • Season 2 official ends as of this patch.
  • Players will continue to be able to spend Seasonal Event Tokens for a limited time. We will make a future announcement to notify when Tokens will be zeroed out in preparation for a future Season.
  • Season 2 leaderboard victors be given rewards in the following weeks.
  • Zones will no longer be Haunted.
  • Added the #clearillusion command.
  • If your character has an illusion, this command can be used to reset your appearance to default
  • This command is limited to one use per 12 seconds.
  • WARNING: This will not negate the server-side effects of an illusion and is appearance only. If you have a KoS illusion, don't forget.
  • Merciless Taunt has been adjusted, and will now interrupt Spell AI Behavior.
  • Rogues can now disarm their own traps. (no skill ups)
  • Mobs will now longer be attracted by player casting when not in line of sight.
  • All spells with knockback components have had their magnitude greatly lowered.
  • Bind Sight has been adjusted to behave like EQ live, having no line of sight check. The range has also been greatly increased.
  • Tranquil Link cooldown reduced to 15 minutes. (previously 20 minutes)
  • Cold Arrow renamed to Frost Arrow.
  • Arcane Aura DS portion reduced to 5 (Previously 6)
  • Void Claws description changed to: Strikes your target with spectral claws, dealing 120 points of damage to their mana.
  • Bind Sight spell category corrected.
  • Invisibility III no long has a small knockback component.
  • Flight from the Watch of Second Chances should now apply the Invis and Movement speed buffs.
  • Frozen Beneath the Lake has had it's worn illusion removed. It is now a self buff click.
  • Xi Valla Kah, Gown of the Eternal Empress has had it's worn illusion removed. It is now a self buff click.
  • The item procs from Flood, Earthquake, and Hurricane have been renamed to Flood, Quake, and Hurricane to avoid confusion.
  • Cataclysm: Flood has had it's movement speed debuff portion removed from the Flood item proc.
  • Infranywound Stricumen had some of its fire damage converted into "white" damage and its Greatkin bane was increased. The proc will now restore a nominal amount of mana when the clone depops.
  • Filtration Chamber Six level limit removed.
  • Morgue of Erudin level limit removed.
  • Synced the Entered Combat messages and Jyre Buff/Fade with the Crossed-Swords system.
  • Non-raid mobs in Everchill Caverns have been adjusted to not summon, as intended previously.
  • Barrier wisps are now untargetable, and will not trigger traps.
  • Natural Balance AA is now properly categorized as `Class`.
  • Corrected Paladin and Beastlord spell vendors to sell the correct level spells.
  • Darkweaver spiders/spiderlings are correctly insects.
  • Adjusted illusion effects and core buff code to alleviate buff crashing instances. If players still crash from traps post patch, we will rollout a hotfix to address this.
  • We synced the server side mob consider with client side mob consider. (We thought we had fixed it before)
  • Should have fixed a bug where mobs HP stays at 100% due to target errors.
  • Should no longer cause issues when targeting a rogue in your raid that just escaped into hiding.
  • Swift Footed AAs now add the correct amount of intended movement speed.
  • Quiver of Lightning can now be cast in and out of combat.
  • Fixed another instance of "Crossed-Swords" stuck in combat.
  • Pet current HP will properly display after zone when buffed with a Total HP spell effect.
  • Shadowsteps spells will no longer trigger WARP warnings.
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Also could you have a different dialog from Triumvir Ikril for those who completed the cauldron event for the weakened tear but not the Heli'ze one?

It's strange (lore wise) that I'm holding a real tear of eleal (weakened) that he won't accept, but I can get a fake one he will.

Can be just something along the lines of "this tear is too weak, find a way to charge it and I will help you....."


Staff member
Could the level-related DT traps in runneye also be removed in keeping with the changes on level limits?
Both Morgue and Filtration Chamber were planned from the beginning to only have the level limits there temporarily, so that new characters could experience it without having high level characters slaughtering the whole zone to add items to the wiki or whatever else. Now that the season is over, we dropped the limits as was originally intended.

Going forward you can expect that the process for a new lower-level content zones will be to release it with a level cap to let the intended audience have a fair shot at using the zone, then once the initial excitement about the new content wears off, we'll remove the cap. Think of this as a way to automatically enforce the decency policy of not monopolizing a low level zone with a high level character.

We don't have any current plans to remove the level limits from Runnyeye encounters because the zone was not designed for high level characters.
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