Only fools would trespass in the tower of the Flame Lord


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Twas the night after raid day, when all through the tower
Not a creature was stirring, in Tarhyl's bastion of power.

The Warden sat guarding his post with a stare,
In hopes that some prisoners soon would be there.

The tribesmen were nestled all snug in their wings,
While visions of firey-things danced in their dreams ;

And Cinn in his chestwraps, and monkly attire,
Had just zoned in, devious plans to conspire,

When out from the lava there arose such a clatter,
The Warden rushed to Ganh to see what was the matter.



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Away to the caverns Cinn flew like a flash,
Controlled a weak spirit and tightened his sash.

The twinkle of lava on crystals aglow,
Gave the luster of carnage to corpses below,

When, what to Cinn's wondering eyes should appear,
But ol' Warden Ansaag, wielding a fiery spear!

With a couple of jumps, so lively and quick,
Cinn ducked out to Corefire and gave Ansaag the slip.



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More rapid than eagles his feign deaths they came,
And he taunted, and shouted, and called them by name;

"Now, Ganher! now, Ansaag! now, Corefire and Mela!
On, Ferdo! on, Farhan! on, Gondo and Paril!

To the top of the zone! to the tip of the wall!
Now chase away! chase away! chase away all!"

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
Cinn gazed at the Eternal Well, and took to the sky

So up to the Well, the Warden he flew,
Our hero was trapped, a swift death would come soon.



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COTH from left stairs to corefire --> CoTH from mela to Eternal Well.

wizard just for port up.



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also at the start of your screens your not in wiz group but later you are thats why it was strange


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Shhhh all you non believers..

Cinn would never make anything up to make himself look cool.


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ending kinda fell apart tho
ya, I was originally going to take him to tarhyl and the other wings as well but it can be entirely too time consuming getting him there. Also if you ever agro a roamer at any point during the process you're fucked and have to start all over again. I sort of ran out of content to write about.

Shhhh all you non believers..

Cinn would never make anything up to make himself look cool.
... wut?


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man woldaff is going to ream you a new asshole when he sees this thread cinn

good luck have fun
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