No sound? forgot how to fix it!


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ok so i have no sound in game, and yes all my audio in game and cpu settings are on.

i had this exact same problem on my other computer when i first installed soD . so heres what happens.

i first logg in. i got sound. can here all the movements jumping and music , than i logg out and logg back on. and all the sound is gone.

on my first computer i asked about this problem and in a /tell somone told me to go to the eq folder and go into some file and change something from 0 . to 1. and than it worked!

its just this was a long time ago i completely forgot what file its called . does anyone know what im talking about and can help me out pls? i cant play with no sound >.>


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Firstly, use techinical support forum.

Secondly, for anyone reading, it's eqclient.ini (a few lines down there's a line that reads: "Sound=0", just change it to "Sound=1").
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