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I'm in the process of downloading the Steam installer and then patching.

SoD was recommended to me by a Japanese player I was grouping with on TAKP. We both loved the community there, but our play times made it impossible to find groups, raid or even level easy due to era-specific mobs being quite a bit tougher than our level 60 characters. Neither of us boxed, so it made it fun. Lately, I've been by myself. I think he made it over to here a couple months before I did. I actually installed Windows to play this, as I had been using PlayonLinux to play on TAKP. I tried the Linux guides and never got SoD to work.

I don't plan on boxing here and I'm definitely looking forward to starting either later tonight or tomorrow.

What are some of the least played class/race combos? I like playing unique or challenging things.


I would highly encourage you to box as it will make your life a lot easier, especially if you have playtime that doesn't fit the typical US-based player. Even a druid who sits there and heals/ports/tracks for you would be a good idea in my opinion.


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I found myself enjoying the new (for me) challenge of boxing during the leveling experience to a certain point.

Enchanter / Druid is an unorthodox duo class that covers quite a few bases and since youre new-new to SoD you'd be playing them after a recent class "review / rework" and wont have any of the (probably justified) heartburn over the changes that some of the more established players of those classes had.

That being said, traditionally solid solo classes are still good solo classes, and my experience is that you will find SoD has a pretty warm community.

dont be afraid to reach out, and make friends with the wiki....


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I annoyingly copy this post when these types of threads pop up because this game is so awesome and I hope people connect with it. I haven't played in many years but I keep a bit of tabs on what's going on and believe everything still applies.

Look into doing these quests (1 and 2 but this may have changed) which I mention because they have a level cap. You don't want to pass these by!

Check out this post by Grinkles, one of the most helpful people in the history of civilization. While your at it, you may look into his post history and just keep learning.

Cesspits is a zone for young players to find great exp and usable gear. You get a high level zone experience in a low level zone. It is level capped at level 29 (this may have changed), so get there before then to grab all the gear you want. I believe I went there at lvl 10 and stayed for great exp past lvl 20.

A couple other recommendations:


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I don't necessarily want to solo, but my play times will probably make it a necessity. I know on TAKP it's rare that I can find a group. And it looks like there are only 10-15 people on at a given time when I am able to log in. That doesn't bode well for any groups at my level (given that people box at 2 characters each).

Is there a way to enable old models?
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