New Potion Vendor (not Seasonal). Level 210 and counting


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#listsold Jeduha and Jedu. I currently have the max level DS, Mana regen and Haste potions. I also have some second tier versions on Jedu (50 to 60+).

The +8DS and +3mana regen pots stack with anything, including the spell type pots. There are also +30dex/+30str and +30sta/+30agi pots that stack with the combo shaman stat buffs (I'll have to check on single buffs like druid str).

Other stuff
+6regen/8% endurance pots. I am not sure if the endurance stacks.
Superior heal (usable every 2 min, no lvl req 300 to 560 heal)
+Mana pots (usable 5 min, 150-345 +mana)

I'll be adding more pots soon and a more complete list here. Feel free to PM me here for requests. Or berate me, of course.

Sulfuric Armor Polish : Slot 1 Spell DS 28 damage (level 40+)
20dose: 275p 60dose: 720p
Adalis's Superior Tranquility : Spell +15 mana regen (level 60+)
20dose: 350p 60dose:1000p
Helt's Rampaging Formula : Slot 1 Spell Haste 55% (level 60+)
20dose: 275p 60dose:750p

Potion of Superior Healing: Instant cast heal 304 (L1) to 560 (L65) (Recast 2min)
20dose: 150p 60dose:420p
Potion of Superior Mana : Increase Mana by 153 (L1) to 345 (L65) (Recast 5min)
20dose: 275p 60dose:750p
Multvan's Master of Meditation : Slot 12 +3 mana regen (stacks with all)
20dose: 250p 60dose:650p
Greater Essence of Fungi : Slot 2
Decrease Endurance Loss by 9% Slot 11: Increase Hit Points by 6 per tick
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