New Bounty Armor and augs explanation


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For those who missed is new bounty armor available. The theory behind this is to give gearing alternatives.

Since you unfortunately can't view armor/augs before you purchase them, here are some details.

All bounty augs that had WAIST on them have the following slots added:
Head, Chest, legs, feet, gloves, bracer, arms. With the exception of currently type 13 augs are on bp/bracer but you can't use those. Bracers/bps use type 9 augs.

Any augs with just weapons have not been modified.

In the following format:

Name AC Hp Mana

White Wyvern Helmet 24 35 35
White Wyvern Coif 20 35 35
White Wyvern Cap 16 35 35
White Wyvern Circlet 12 35 35

White Wyvern Vambraces 19 30 30
White Wyvern Armguards 16 30 30
White Wyvern Armbands 13 30 30
White Wyvern Sleeves 10 30 30

White Wyvern Bracer 13 25 25
White Wyvern Wristguard 11 25 25
White Wyvern Wristband 9 25 25
White Wyvern Bracelet 7 25 25

White Wyvern Gauntlets 26 35 35
White Wyvern Gloves 22 35 35
White Wyvern Handwraps 18 35 35
White Wyvern Mitts 14 35 35

White Wyvern Breastplate 65 45 45
White Wyvern Ringmail 55 45 45
White Wyvern Tunic 45 45 45
White Wyvern Robe 35 45 45

White Wyvern Greaves 35 40 40
White Wyvern Leggings 30 40 40
White Wyvern Breeches 25 40 40
White Wyvern Pantaloons 20 40 40

White Wyvern Clogs 22 30 30
White Wyvern Boots 19 30 30
White Wyvern Sandals 16 30 30
White Wyvern Slippers 13 30 30

Here are the following bracer augs:
Inscription of Healing 2% per 100 mana healing proc on target, bracer only
Inscription of Lightning Bolts 2% per 100 mana 87 dmg proc on target, bracer only
Lich Bones 10% to cast 7dmg lifetap on target, bracer only
Inscription of Rune I .4% per attacked to proc rune 1, bracer only

Might add more bracer augs later. Let me know if there are bugs.
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bp with rune 1 aug will not proc for a 52.(atru)
the weapon augs lfietap and heal will proc for a 52 and a 49 even though weapon says 55 req*(utra/ardea)


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bp with rune 1 aug will not proc for a 52.(atru)
the weapon augs lfietap and heal will proc for a 52 and a 49 even though weapon says 55 req*(utra/ardea)
Yea, apparently proc BP augs aren't a thing supported by the server currently, so scrapping that. Feel free to petition to get your money back. Inscription of Rune I is now a bracer proc. Procs technically didn't have a level requirement, but it is kind of confusing so they should now be lv 55.

Also, Jumbers made it so you can preview items on the bounty merchants, hooray!


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More bounty armor is definitely a good touch to alternative progression. Didn't know if it was ever brought up in discussion, but glove/boot proc augs could also be a good touch. Not sure if these would work similarly to bp procs or not. Just a thought.


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Seems the hailing /cm option off bounty guys is missing the trading up of second rank tokens to third tank.


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@Jmayzak Officer Matilda Ofloch is the trade-up NPC, if she was missing earlier, she is back now.

Rymy, I've noticed 2: "Inscription of Healing" - Type 9 & Type 13 (original)
Could we change the Type 9 to "Healing Bones" or something?


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Was the glyph of striking missed in the "can add to gear if it had a waist slot" or working as intended?


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breastplate still has a type 9 I need exchange to the one with 13 aug slot.
also lost the rune 1 aug when I unauged the item.


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Wow that is really cool.

WoW suckered me back in this month..but changes like this would lure me back. In fact, when WoW wears off, as it tends to in short order, I may check out Shards again.

Casually crafting T8ish tank gear is super.
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