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My Pants is a new guild starting up on shards of dalaya and looking for 18 people to fill the roster. Currently we have approximately 12 members. 90% of the guild will be starting out at level 1 and we are currently in the process of getting everyone leveled up and raid ready. A couple of us are planing to play older toons we had from back in the day so we have a couple ringers approx tier 9 to help us fast track through the lower end content. We will be raiding 3 nights a week, yet to be determined (waiting to see what best works for people) but raids will be NA time period, depending on what works for other people starting sometime between 6-10pm central and lasting prob around 4 hrs.

We are looking for people who desire to progress new toons and put are willing to put the time in to get their characters up to snuff outside of raids as well.

Current needs:

1 cleric
1 mage
1 wiz
1 dru
1 sham
1 enc
1 ranger

If you want to play a class that is not listed we may still be able to fit you into the mix. Preferably I'd like to stack a raid with all non boxed toons.

Currently we have no requirements to join, level or otherwise. Currently a lot of us are in process of helping a lot of new players to shards level up and get rolling.

Loot will be handled by myself mostly / officers and will allow for open guild discussions on hard to make decisions. The goal of the guild is to progress as fast as possible through the tiers and make the guild as successful as possible, so making sure gear gets to the toon that it's most needed on in order to strengthen the guild as a whole will be a priority. Raid attendance on raid nights will heavily sway loot decisions.

If raid has open slots and you want to bring your alt you are more than welcome to bring them along. Alts I'm sure will be important for our progression and welcomed.

If you are interested in getting into My Pants you can message in game Cabdru or Oozu/Renmaw/Renduin. If we aren't around can ask any my pants member for info on how to contact us, discord or otherwise.
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The fact you don't have a bst in that list is extremely upsetting. The class got a revamp a few years back; they're in a decent spot now.


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I have a few chars that I might be willing to play for this, ranging from 55 adept chars to t11ish, what classes do you need now and what tier are you in?

evye - bard
triad - clr
zary - enc
scorche - wiz
beedy - war


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If your interested in joining yea hit me up in game, Cabdru or if I'm not on ask someone in guild they can likely get a hold of me
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