Mudge Cleric 65+ 396 AA


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Hey, I am looking for a guild. I am a hardcore raider, just got laid off, now looking to play some SoD. I can raid any time.

My tanks name if Rarok, cleric is Mudge. Figured I would app as cleric since no one wants a gimp warrior. Anyways send a tell in game or a PM. Thanks.


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Rarok is a great guy, and would be a help to any guild that wants to raid.

Hi Rarok!

I was some random druid you grouped with!



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405 aa's with only 171 deaths for a low teir cleric is fantastic. Those are some nice shoulders too :p.


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Take a look at oathswornsod . s2 . bizhat . com

send me a tell in game on either Abloec or Aborec.

We're not high tier but we look to be right around where your gear is.


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Hey there, Exodus is looking for a good and active cleric at the moment.

We are a eurpopean high-tier and hardcore guild. raid almost every day. If you want you can come along to our raids some time to see if you like it.

Talk ingame to Valorion, Zafirbel or me, Myrah, - or visit us at
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