March To Strife


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Ive made a /bug of this about 8 months ago, and then again about a month or two ago, and havnt seen it fixed yet, so I guess a post is in order.

March to Strife offers a 4.0 percussion mod. This applies to dots very well, increasing the damage accordingly. For other songs though, it offers a -effect. EXAMPLE, not actual numbers;

No Mod - Elemental Chorus +40 FR/MR/CR
2.5 Mod - Elemental Chorus +100 FR/MR/CR
4.0 Mod (March to Strife) - Elemental Chorus +20 FR/MR/CR

Im not sure how this effects other songs like Occlusion of Sound or other non DoT songs, but these are my findings.


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I'm not convinced March's percussion mod works on Selo's either but I wasn't sure if this server had a cracker cap issue with that or what.


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After extensive testing, I have confirmed that the problem lies with the client and probably the song itself as that even though it may not properly show the right amount of resists, you are still fully benefiting from them. (Thanks to Snagi for the assistance in the testing)
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Rangers should be added back to this item since Channeling is no longer in its original state #inb4close
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