Listsold Zaad


Dalayan Elder
I have the following things for sale on Zaad:
Nazdrich Bone Pauldrons - 4.5K
Infectious Vambraces - 3K
Butchers Apron - 900
Malignant War Mace - 950
Vile Femur - 500
Damask Leather Sleeves - 500
Cloak of Winter - 300
Jar of Preservation - 500
Green Slime Blood (Shaman Mask Quest) - 250

I have the following spells at various prices on listsold Zaad:
Crawling Swarm
Caress of Sivyana
Shackles of Earth
Divine Guard
Elixir of Bliss

I also have many other various items and spells for sale on Zaad. You can check Zood for duplicates and stackable tradeskill items.
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