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Hi all, here's some feedback on quests and items I've come across so far, I'll continue to post in this thread my future findings. I'm loving Season 1 so far, keep up the good work!

Grobb Quests

After running through most of the newbie Grobb quests on a Shaman and Warrior, I feel a few of the quests need to be looked at for rebalancing.

Quests: Spirit Talker Grekal's quests - Part V, Tamer Tersi’s Quest, Tamer Kabil's quests - Part V, Rusty Barnacle Covered Armor quests - Breastplate
Mob: An escaped wolf
Quest Item: Wolf Sinew, see mob

Comments: An escaped wolf mob is way too rare for these quests; I spent hours in Stinger’s Bog gathering items for quests, killing every mob in the northern part of the swamp to trigger spawns, and I only found this mob a handful of times, he never dropped the Wolf Sinew. I never finished the Spirit Talker chain due to out leveling it and finding better items in dungeons. The item itself is fine, but it's not worth the time investment to obtain it.
Not only that, this mob drops items for 4 separate quests for different classes (Warrior, Shaman and Beastlord), and it seems like only one spawns in the zone at a time. I had the zone to myself most of the time, I can only imagine the nightmare of competing with other players over this mob.
The mob’s model is also very tiny and hard to spot in the swamp, it can easily disappear behind a small hill, tree or in water.

Suggestions: Since this mob is used for multiple quests, increase the spawn rate or make it a static spawn. Increase the size of the mob’s model to make it easier to spot. Also adjust the item drops, the Wolf Sinew shouldn’t be a low drop rate

Quests: Rusty Barnacle Covered Armor quests - Part II
Quest Item: Beginner’s Sei Katana, Beginner’s Kai Katana
Mobs: A Furious Froglok Duelist, A Patient Froglok Duelist

Comment: Oh boy, this is the quest that drove me to make this feedback post. To put it bluntly, the rewards for this quest are just awful. Why? Let’s compare the Sei and Kai Katana to another quest weapon a warrior can pick up in Grobb; the Grobb Warclub from the Sithika’s blades quest. The Grobb Warclub is a better weapon than both the Katanas, and you can get it as low as level 5! I used it on my warrior into my 30’s.
To complete this quest, you have to go kill two level 20 mobs deep in MielA, and the reward is worse than a level 5 quest item! Plus, by the time you can go kill the Duelists, you’ll probably have completed The Cesspits and have yourself Franci’s Falchion
The stats on the Katanas are weird too, they’re really slow with bad ratios, and the stats on them don’t make up for it.

Suggestions: Rebalance the Sei and Kai Katana stats to reflect the level it takes to acquire them, or make them obtainable at a lower level. I also thought it was odd that I was receiving Katanas as quest rewards in Grobb. Perhaps there’s a lore reason for this, but they feel out of place thematically.

Quest: Sithika of the Blades’ quests - Part III
Quest Item: Warden’s Breastplate
Mobs: A Froglok Nurse

Comments: The target mob for this quest is way too high for the reward. Let’s compare the Warden’s Breastplate to another item you can find in The Cesspits, 10 to 15 levels lower than the quest mob; Hauberk of the Chosen
A Froglok Nurse is a level 35 mob, and is also shared by the Main Quest! The same item is needed for both quests, and it's not a 100% drop rate! The mob that drops the Hauberk of the Chosen is roughly around level 20! Both breastplates are about equal statistically, but their quest mobs are 15 levels apart. The Warden's Breastplate is a better item for a warrior, but the Hauberk is much easier to obtain.

Suggestions: Remove the Froglok Nurse from this quest, make the item needed much easier to obtain, perhaps off a level 20 mob in MielA. That would keep it within the same balance range as the Hauberk of the Chosen.


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I love the changes to the Grobb Quests. Thanks OP for bringing this up and thanks Cole for adjusting!

EDIT: I just went to hunt for the wolves and what can I say: They are there and it was way less of a PITA than it used to be. A few years ago I did this quest and gave up after a few hours of searching and just brought in a tracker. Not needed this time, while still being somewhat challenging due to the amount of KoS mobs that roam the area.
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