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So there was alot of crazy suggestions listed so far, here are a couple more, but i think they are more acceptable:

How about just make the crit stance affect your group, maybe make it take up more stamina, so for a short period, like your innate undead crit affects group, your crit stance affects groups crit on everything.
The parry stance, how about a stance with increased mitigation and more faster stamina usage to offset the buff.
AE Hate stance no longer requires proc, you hit stance, it takes stamina, and its like terror is on.
Heal stance, where your attacks heal proc.


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Just thought I would add to the discussion, because the over all Gimp level of Paladins was one of the reasons I quit years ago. After the Knight Nerfs, and Warrior Buffs they became the weakest Group/Raid Spot. Warriors were doing more damage and mitigating a TON more damage. This is kind of fine in the eyes of Traditional Everquest, but in EQ you could take 60 people on a raid if you wanted to. Shards of Dalaya 18 man raids made Having > 0 Paladins not an optimal raid force.
blah blah blah some "Kunark" content came out and they added more quests and some Relics that I was never interested in doing, Game got "Meh" and I quit.

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Vindicator's Stance [Level 65]<increase mitigation by 13%>

knights just need a new stance like this one. make it 10% or 8% idc, anything is better than sitting in /s 3 and getting your ass beat.
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