How to obtain and make use of Opuses


Dalayan Pious Diety
How to obtain
Opuses and class tomes drop in XP areas, the higher the general difficulty, the higher drop rate percentage. The below "Groups" denote relative chance to drop a book. The higher the group, the higher percentage. ALL opus/class tomes can drop from ALL of the areas below. Any mob in these zones over level 55, named or trash (nameds with a > 1 day repop do NOT have a chance to drop opus / class tome 3/4s).

Group 1:
Kaesora, Overgrowth easy plants (note that these are very, very rare. Kaesora already offers some of the greatest exp to difficulty already and overgrowth easy mobs are very easy to kill).

Group 1.5:
Mielech C Basement.

Group 2:
Bloodquarry, Tears of Elael, Rust Factory, First ruins (deepfiends, sivakian, elite siviakian), Cmal 1 & 2, Deepshade, Everchill, Kedge Keep, Underwater Starfall, Overgrowth sproutari.

Group 2.5:
LOIO Undeads.

Group 3:
Citadel, Remants undead city, Emberflow (non-Winged areas), Dojo 6-man area, First Ruins (bloodfires), Cmal 3, Catacombs, Shadowdale trees, Prophets landing (city mobs), Highkeep basement, Deeper deepshade, LOIO Fort.

Group 3.5:

Group 4:
Emberflow (winged areas), Forest of the Fallen Elite Yiv, Forest of the Fallen Sharks, First ruins (lava spirits), HmalB, Overgrowth city mobs

Group 4b:
Overgrowth deep mobs (bigger hp pool than other group 4 mobs so a higher chance)

Group 5:
Overgrowth tunnels (not infested).

Please keep in mind there are for sure areas we may have missed. Also note that lower level mobs in an area will have a lower drop rate.

How to make use
The dropped opuses are untranslated and no drop. Only players who have progressed sufficiently in the main quest will be able to translate these opuses into exp-able books. Please note you will have 2 options (both require the 5th seeker augment):

  • Option 1 is to directly turn in the untranslated opus/class tome into a translated opus / class tome of the same type. (Book Translator)
  • Option 2 is to turn it into a different NPC that will grant you an alt currency called "Scholastic Token". You can buy the desired opus / class tome you want with this currency. (Token Vendor). You can then use the token vendors nearby to purchase your desired book. Note this is not a 1:1 ratio.
The npcs to help with translations/vendoring are in Erimal.

(credit for the original writeup of this goes to taryth in this thread.)
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