Hardcore Headhunter Challenge - A new era of adept hunting


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Introducing the Hardcore Headhunter Challenge! A community run event with platinum prizes.

What does this challenge entail?
Defeating any of the listed adepts with a group composed ONLY of hardcore characters. Level the characters however you see fit. Use whatever gear, kind lady buffs, or number of characters you want. As long as every character participating in the fight is flagged hardcore, you're good to go!

If at any point you are found breaking server rules OR sabotaging other hardcore player characters, you will become ineligible to receive rewards from any of my events. This ineligibility is permanent and irreversible.

Normal punishments for breaking server rules obviously still apply. Please just don't be a dick to other people, this is a player funded event that I came up with.

What adepts are on the hitlist?
The Awakened One - Claimed by Meso and crew on 5/28/2020 with video!
Undead Spouses - Claimed by Meso and crew on 6/20/2020 with video!
Othgualo the Exiled King - Claimed by Meso and crew on 7/4/2020 with video!
Head Miner Kalko - 30,000p
Snapper - 40,000p
Frozen Mistress of the Grotto - 50,000p

Kill the adepts listed above with ONLY hardcore characters participating in the fight, and the reward listed will be given to your group. The prizes can be claimed in any order. The prizes are only available to the first group to submit proof of their hardcore endeavors.

Earn even more platinum by posting a video!

Post a video of your group defeating the encounter and earn 1.5x the platinum listed above. The video must show the entire encounter, starting from before engage ending after the encounter is completed and loot is linked. Posting a video that starts with the mob at 90% or ends before the encounter is complete will not qualify you for the 1.5x bonus.

The reward will be given to the person that provides proof of killing the monster, and then it will be their responsibility to distribute the prize to the rest of their group. If you feel like this is an unfair distribution method or otherwise have an issue with it, contact me or post below and we can come up with an alternative solution.

How do I provide proof of my deeds?
Dev-Cole has volunteered to check encounter logs to verify everyone participating in the kill is hardcore flagged. Special thanks to him for offering to do this. Post the date and time of when the mob died and the name of the mob in this thread so it can be verified. If your group intends on posting a video of their kill please make it known to me before I distribute any prizes to you. Do not DM me (or anyone else for that matter) your proof, it will not count unless it is posted in this thread. Please post the timestamp in this thread before the adept respawns to prevent disputes. The burden of proof is on you. If you do not post the date / time of the mob's time of death in a timely fashion, someone else may claim the reward before you do.

If you have a video of your kill, you do not need to post it when you submit the time of death. I understand that uploading / editing video takes time, but please have your video posted within two weeks.

If I find out that you intentionally / blatantly cheated in some way and are trying to pass off your kill as legitimate you will become ineligible to receive rewards from any of my events. This ineligibility is permanent unless overwhelming evidence proving your innocence is presented. Accidents happen, a random passerby noob accidentally gets on aggro or maybe your emergency evac gets a little too close without you realizing it. Situations like these will make your kill illegitimate, but you will be allowed to try again. This will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Aren't sure what would constitute as cheating? Contact me directly or post in this thread for clarification. The most important rule (of which there aren't many) is that any participating characters are flagged hardcore.

TLDR Rules
Every character on the mobs hatelist or in the group / raid MUST be hardcore flagged.
2.) You must post the timestamp of the mob's death in this thread before anyone else to claim the rewards for your group. (1 post per group please).
3.) If you wish to claim the bonus reward for posting a video, the video must start before you engage the encounter and end after loot is linked.
4.) You must post the video within 2 weeks of posting your timestamp.
5.) Don't be a dick. If I find out you're trying to kill off other people's characters, harass staff members, or scam your group members out of their winnings I will disqualify you.

Special thanks to:
Dev-Cole, for offering to check encounter logs to verify the kills.
Grimp, for contributing 75k platinum to the prize pool. His contribution is being used to fund the bonus prize for posting a video.

If you have any further questions, post them in this thread or contact me on discord (tevinter#2303). If you'd like to contribute to any of the prizes, feel free to contact me.
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[Sat Jun 20 00:00:55 2020] Yibrana, decomposed wife savors the sweet release of death.
[Sat Jun 20 00:00:55 2020] Yibrana, decomposed wife has been slain by Gnomas!


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Please give the money to draist who plays gnorda/wraist also and many others
giving the money to you per your request via this tell: [Tue Jun 23 21:22:44 2020] Heso tells you, 'can i have the hardcore hunters cash plz?'

15k paid to Heso
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