Hardcore ... but not THAT hardcore guild <Pretentious>


Dalayan Adventurer
Howdy partner,

<Pretentious> has recently suffered a few changes; a few of our members went looking for new challenges, a few went to other games and some are doing amazing adventures, and we are currently short of a few classes. We are very friendly and cool guild, you're expected to play your role on having fun. <Pretentious> raid and aim high, because progression in this server is a lot of fun; a lot of new content, mechanics and quests. We wont be shouting at people or asking them to play 20hrs a day just to achieve a certain point ingame, that's unhealthy. We will help you on exp, quests, gearing and general grouping/raiding.

- We are a very progressive guild, that until a couple weeks were scratching the Tier 14 raid. But recently we have been backgearing some new players that joined, but we are expecting to go back to at least T11/12 in a couple of weeks.

- We raid Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday - 8PM EST -
With occasional raids on "off days"

- Classes we are mainly looking for: Mage/Wiz/Nec/Monk/Bard/Rog/, but dont be shy, we are a friendly guild and we can talk about other classes too.

Feel free to PM in forums, in game or discord. You can contact me, Belirian, directly or Vulca our leader.

In game: Belirian / Aline
Discord: Solofoid#6676

In game: Vulca / Titalia
Discord: AlleyCat#1637
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