Fyona the Elementalist (Level 8 Adept Encounter in Erimal)


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A reclusive Dark Elf has been sighted in the Valley of Erimal. Witnesses say she mutters frequently, though it's unclear if she's talking to herself or to the retinue of elementals surrounding her. Why or how one person came to possess so many pets is unknown, but others of her class insist it is an affront to the Magician's code...

Fyona the Elementalist is the centerpiece of a new Level 8 adept encounter. Unlike most Magicians, one elemental just wouldn't do for this lady. You'll have to get through all four of her allies if you want to get to her!

Already, she's begun lashing out on those who've angered her in the once-peaceful Valley of Erimal. Just look at this carnage!



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I laughed at Vahpounder, did you just create that or has it been a running joke I've been out of the loop on?

Great work as usual Grink.


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...I'm happy and sad at the same time for this.

Happy because new Adept :)

Sad because I just leveled 3 of my new toons to level 9 today lol...

Time to roll some new adept hunters :)

PS - Arrgg my eyes!! New models BAD!
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Can confirm this adept is fun as heck. Figuring out the fight upon release was some of the most fun I've had in a long long while.
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