Fusion Spellbank is back!


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After a brief hiatus, Fusion spell bank is back! Spells will be dealt with approximately whenever I have time, which should be 3-4 times per week. A few spells and items will be available on Autha listsold.

Spell list will be updated every couple days!

To purchase a spell, post here, with the following:
1) Character Name (to mail spell to)
2) Spell(s) Desired

Spell Prices
61 spells 100p
62 spells 200p
63 spells 300p
64 spells 400p
65 spells 600p
Some Spells My Be More Expensive (Price Will Be Designated)

Whispers of Harmony(61) x2
Requiem of Time(62) x3
Rizlona's Decant of Unbinding(62)
Tuyen's Chant of Venom (63)
Tarhyl's Cry of Destruction(63)
Sivyana's Wail of Affliction (64)
Warchant of the Tribes (64) 1000
Psalm of the Four (65) 7000
Denon's Requiem Finale (65) 1500

Spirit of Winter(62) x2
Spiritual Vigor(62) x3
Spirit of the Wild (63) 800
Spirit of Summer (64)
Sha's Mending (64) 1500
Spiritual Bliss (64) 800

Divine Guard(61)
Litany of Unbinding (61)
Divine Benevolence(62)x2
Condemnation (62)
Faithshield (64)
Yaulp 6 (65) 2000

Enclosure of Tarhyl (62) x2
Winter's Claim(62)x2
Entwining Roots(62)x3
Legacy of Spine (64) 2000
Word of Fulfillment (64) 1000

Rune VI(61)
Mana Drain(61) x2
Complacency(62) x2
Blanket of Apathy(62) x2
Voice of the Ravager(63)
Color Swirl (63)
Control (64)
Word of Command (64) 600

Shock of Sun (62)
Summon Bauble of Battle(62) x2
Summon Heartseeker Arrows (63) 800 pp
Chosen of Shojar (63) 800 pp
Defender of Sihala (63) 800 pp
Monster Summoning IV (64) 1000
Summon: Blade of Power (63) 600

Slave of Shadows (63)
Child of Night (63) 1500
Endowed Death (64)

Champion of Althuna(62)
Blessing of Malath(64)x2
Words of Protection (64)

Quiver of Flame(61) x2
Cryo Jolt(62) x2
Spreading Snares(64) x2
Call of the Mound (64)

Shroud of the Lich(62)
Shroud of the Leech(62)
Vortex of Death (65)

Grasp of the Spirits(62)
Purification (63) 800
Talisman of the Mammoth (64) 2000
Black Plague (64) 2000

Void Shock (61)
Mass Relocation: Faydark(61)
Relak's Rapid Rending(62)x3
Thazeran's Planar Shift (63)
Mass Relocation: Everfrost (63)
Markar's Fist (64)
Lure of the Elements (64)
Mass Relocation: West (65)
Tears of the Void (65) 2000


Updated: 5/16/08

When maps or items are available they will be on Autha's listsold

Fusion Bank Map Rates:
Very Easy: 100pp
Easy: 150pp
Moderate: 400pp
Difficult: 1000pp
Very Difficult: 1500pp

Items Listing:
Flame Crystal Ring 800pp

If you have questions please don't bug me when I'm on Tyrone unless it's a friendly reminder to check this post when I have a chance. I don't keep the spellbank on me and probably won't be able to sell you that spell/check if we have something unless I already have the bank logged in anyways.
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necro spell: embedding darkness to Krentil.

Also.....I'm looking for 65 necro spells: Mindless Terror and Dissolvement of shadows. if you get them just listsend me with your price


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Couple of them you have listed please.

Aegis of Magic (62) 500 (nec wiz mag enc)
Talok's Taunting Echoes(64)

Aegis of Magic (62) 500 (nec wiz mag enc)
Lure of the Elements (64) 800
Meteor Swarm(64)

TY Very very much
ALisia (Wizard)
Alizia (Mage)


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The only one I recieved via mail was Talok's Taunting Echoes(64)

and stupid me rejected it by mistake! Could you pls resend.....ty......didn't see any other mail on my mage Alizia

ty ....



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I sent the mage spell to the mage, the wizard spells to the wizard, check the other character. Hopefully I didn't spell the name wrong or something. Either way I'll resend to you whatever bounces back.
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