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I have done or attempted this quest at least 5 times. I’ve completed it twice IIRC. I did it on Cless because I wanted to see how rewarding it was and to do all the Kelethin and Greater Faydark quests available to him. Also, I like wearing the look of newbie armor sets because I’m weird, so I wanted this for all my characters that could get it. Anyway, I still skipped it partway through on a few Wood Elf characters due to low drop rate specifically on High Quality Bear Hide, usually getting 2-3 hides before deciding to move on instead. On one character, I specifically went around only killing the bears (and decaying skeletons) to get them ASAP, and I still ended up overlevelled and wasting lots of time. I determined back then that doubling the drop rate would leave this as the bottleneck for the quest, but still make this quest worth consideration without requiring someone to commit extended ursine genocide.

Hopefully this suggestion for the drop rate increase amount is useful. Devs, please leave feedback on if posts like this what your looking for in this forum.


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I came here to say the same thing.

I started a new char with the intention to do this quest, so I've ONLY killed mobs that could drop quest components, more or less going down the list.. I'm almost 6 now and debating whether to continue. At this rate the bears will stop giving XP, and I will still not have enough pelts.

Broodling scales weren't bad. Non-Season can likely pick those up from vendors.

Wolf skins felt about right. I was killing these about 66/33 with bears, and I'd gotten 3 skins to 0 pelts, so I focused more on bears, about catching up win kills when I finally got a bear pelt. Killed another wolf, got my last skin from them. Got a second bear pelt on the next kill. Back to a dry spell. Apparently you need 9 of them in total.

HOWEVER. I got up to that stage just to confirm that the wiki "Quest Items Used" was wrong, since it says 6 but the text says 9 - and you can use 4x the amount of regular Bear Pelts. Since, in my experience, they're 10x more common, this makes it feasible to complete the quest, at least.

I'd still recommend shifting things around a bit and reduce the amount of bear pelts required - possibly replacing them with wolf skins. The bears themselves are less common than wolves and you need a lot more of their drops which also seem much less common. Like there's half as many bears which drop half as many pelts of which you need twice as many. If you're actually turning in the quest as you go, the EXP gain is tremendous, so you're grinding gray mobs. I suppose it makes up for going back and doing this quest when you find out about it instead of killing at-level stuff to gather the components when you first start.
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I have already spawned a few "bear-only" roamers on both sides of Greater Faydark. The drop rate buff will be live once we patch. 3x on the black bear cubs and 5x on black bears
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