Dalayan Adventurer
First off just want to say this has been an awesome event! I took a break when all the buff changes happened but this has sucked me right back in playing some new chars and experiencing some old content again.

Glade Keeper's Armor Quests
-For the most part I think these quests are really good and the rewards are as well. There were really only two big issues I had. In part 3, you are required to forage Pod of Badlands Dew x2. It's possible I got screwed over by the RNG bug but I heard the same for others this was realllyyy long. I spent a good 5-6 hours in Badlands just hitting forage. Possible to either decrease it to one dew or bump the forage rate. The other issue is for the last part the combine requires tempering, which is a high level tradeskill component. I got lucky that others have managed to grind out the tradeskills, but were I working on this myself or a complete newbie I probably would have just resigned to never completing it. Possibly change the combine to require something a little more appropriate for the mid-20's.

Dreadmaster Natzrii's Quests
-This one could be more on me and I understand the racist-like nature of Grobb, but would it be possible to have the rewards be ALL/ALL instead of race restricted? The sword from the final quest is really nice and would allow for all SK races to use it. You can use illusions to be able to complete the quests and it gives all SK races a very good 2hs weapon in the early game.


Dalayan Pious Diety
I can echo the complaint about badlands dew, I am not sure if there is some minimum forage skill requirement but I gave up on progressing it after around 3 hours of it being bound to left turn and getting zero dews.
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