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In the spirit of this account drive, video contest, new content, etc. maybe it'd be time to revisit some of the Fame Rewards that we'd be giving away. Historically fame's been kind of hard to get. There's been account drives to fund-raise that reward fame and such, but other than that -- the GM events aren't very hefty even when they do occur. I can't really think of an item people buy with fame besides a title, or a race change, which are two astronomical feats to reach to a normal bystander. There are several items on that list that I bet do not even work, or have little to no effect at all.

At this current time I really don't have a comprehensive list for ideas, but figured maybe community feedback could be king here. These are items that could really drive attention and give some incentive to actually get from a new player perspective. Of course there would have to be more opportunities to get this fame, but that's I guess another story. Even monthly donators don't really get much benefit from recurring payments besides a run speed buff, and pocket plane at most. I don't see the harm in giving 10 or 25 fame each month donated that scales by year or some other interval.

With that being said, with the current lack of video submissions, maybe we bump the top prize to "Any single item on the fame rewards list" and bump the others progressively higher? Maybe 2nd prize is 750? Maybe 3rd stays at 250. All I'm saying is there's really only two desirable ways to spend fame and it comes at an almost impossible amount to purchase either.

If you have any neat ideas for fame rewards, or ways to reconstruct this point system, post them here. I'm just spit balling right now, but feel like it could be something that can make a pretty good impact if addressed correctly.


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Or just maybe it's to actually do something useful? This doesn't really have much to do with the video submission, considering you have no idea if I've even submitted a video? Stat food coming in at 20 points is really good, but most people probably barely ever see 20 points of fame at all. Then if you ever get the chance to move up into the 500-750 fame reward area... you get a swarm pet clicky that summons a bunch of human models and does virtually nothing beneficial.


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As probably one of the only people to purchase a race change and then win a title because of the amount of money ($1400) I donated during one of the last account drives, I agree with emzur. Even the opportunity to obtain 500+ fame for players who have been here for years is unheard of, and what for? Others who have received titles or large amounts of fame got them as a reward for some GM event (usually in some random way) or first accomplishment like the first Jyre. I think giving donators an equivalent fame per month per dollar donated is a great idea. It is FAME after all, what better way to identify people who contribute to the game.

As for ways to spice up the fame list. Very simple: add a category for adept loots and add all or a selection of the adept loots to the list of buyable fame rewards. There are a lot of new unique adept items that A LOT of vet players would love to have but short of rerolling a toon just for the hell of it that will never get played again after adept geared... what’s the point... The fights are cool sure but a lot of the longstanding players I know are super bummed they have no outlet to get those items on their mains. I hadn’t suggested in sod discord that an npc be made that can delevel you for a large plat fee to do these adepts but that’s another post in itslf


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  • Box with low cost but chance to get a random fame item - can make it low but for someone who doesnt get very much fame this is a chance at getting something better
  • Fix Deein's mirror - look at the DB and see what it does.aaa

  • Give fame rewards for those who stream. - 1 hour = 1 fame point ... you decide
  • Give an option for those who do trade skills to turn in a finished item to a PC where the NPC will store it. a newbie in that level range can then go and get 1 item at a time / day / week from said vendora

on that streaming subject..... there are a good amount of people who watch p99 streams. no reason why they couldn't migrate here.
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