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Ethereal is an PST, tier 10, hardcore, raiding guild. Our forum can be found HERE (click here)

Here is the shit we have killed: CLICK IT!

We raid hard and we raid often. We raid 5-7 days per week. Sometimes, we raid for very long durations (sometimes 12+hours). Our current goal is to kill as much shit as possible. We want to get as much loot as possible and keep other guilds from getting loot. We intend to farm as much progression shit as possible. Our members are sleep deprived peeps who take pride in doing whatever is possible to make their toons better. We do not allow members to raid with other guilds or do P/U raids unless it is a non-progression target. We generally do not let non-ethereal toons in our raids.

Current needs:
  • Clerics!
  • Druid?
  • People that don't suck

We are looking for mained toons only, with the goal of having 18 real people on raids.
Please apply on our FORUM (click here)

If you have a low AA count (less than all AAs done), you will need to get your survivability (resists, natural durability, lightning reflexes, etc) AND your class essential AAs as quickly as possible! Almost everyone in our guild is done with AAs. If you are not done with AAs and even a few tomes, you better not have a job. We rarely EXP at night as we are raiding.

We are looking for the following in a new applicant:
  • Level 65 with a strong desire to progress your character through AA/tome experiencing, raiding, questing, and other means
  • Frequent playtime and the ability to raid 3 or more nights per week 7-12pm EST
  • The ability to use Ventrilo (mic not required)
  • The ability to check our forum often, preferably daily
  • Main Quest augment
We are looking for a mained classes, not class xxx /w needed class box. Other requirement may be listed on our forum.

You should have the following stuff:
  • Resist AAs, all core class AAs, all survivability AAs (you need to have like 300+ AAs)
  • Relics
  • MQ aug and Faction augment (CoI, Blackscale, SC)
  • Combine Chest and Legs
  • We meet in Sadri, please complete the Sadri gate neck quest as quickly as possible.
  • We are a giant aligned guild. If you are dragon ally, you need to have your augment.

Loot is awarded through a loot council. Loot is awarded based on a variety of reasons and include, but are not limited to the following: raid attendance, degree of upgrade, comparison of item to other available items, etc.

We are not a 'family' guild, so expect the unexpected in /gu and vent.

Please register (using your toon's name) at our forum (see link above) and apply if you are interested.

We do not have set raid nights and there is not required raiding. HOWEVER, we raid, a lot, sometimes 7 days/week. We want people that can raid a lot so we can kill as much shit as possible.

This thread is a bit strict, but we need it to be. We want to progress to the very end game.


Current Officers - Bopper, Gortuk, Renshu, Septima, and Shaltang
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Still looking for members. We plan to destroy some lower content in order to gear new applicants before returning to our previous tier (7/8). If you are a motivated player, please apply. We can get you gear/relics if you can put in the time and develop your toon.


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I can fill as a temp rogue for ya on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Lemme know if ya need some extra dps, I'd be happy to help such a cool guy like you. I still have your vent info :)


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Renshu, this is Elaith, we met on multiple occasions when Skim was still around, but I know he's no more.

If you guys need a bard to fill raid until you done recruiting one, please shoot a tell.


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Ya my offer to help is always there even though I was never cool enough to join Ethereal (ie taking that "other" rogue over me) As long as Im not raiding with my guild, shoot me a tell and ill sharpen my dirk...


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Already know about it, sucks for paladins.

At least we get bash aggro and better 2hs bonus now, but I'd prefer if they'd improve hybrid spells--something that was needed before the weapon nerf.


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OP updated with needs. Clerics, druid, chanter are current biggest needs.

We are raiding almost everynight. Still doing some back-gearing if good targets are not up. So, targets can range anywhere from Planar shit to Thaz/ToT.

Apply on our forum -
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Still looking for some peeps, we have been heavily boxed lately.

High need:
1 - Cleric
1 - Druid
1 - Enchanter
1 - Shaman

Random DPS

Must have high play time and be mained. We have plenty of shit we can box, we don't need your alts.


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We are pretty full up ATM but we would consider another cleric and wizard.

If you are a good player, around our tier and shit, we might consider you too!

App here --->

We've killed all the tier 8 shit and some of the tier 9 shit and we want to kill all the tier 9 shit.
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