Ethereal Spell Vendors


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We have the following spell vendors (Click on Vendor's name for a webportal listing of current spells):

Dogra - Various lvl 65 and rare spells.

Dograb - Bard, Beastlord, and Cleric spells.

Dograc - Druid, Mage, and Enchanter spells.

Dograd - Necro, Paladin, and Ranger spells.

Dograe - Shadow Knight, Shaman, and Wizard Spells.

Dograf - Ports

Dograg - Overflow vendor, random spells, closeouts, discounted spells.

Dograh - Overflow vendor #2, random spells, closeouts, discounted spells.

I will not be listing the spells for sale on each vendor, you must check listsold or the webportal. All of our spells are on these vendors, we do not have any banked spells. Do not contact me ingame over spells. Spells will not be list-sent.
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Looking for Wiz 65: Tears of the Void, let me know if you come across a copy.

You can find me in-game as "Cyphris".



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Added more spells.

Dogra has lots of druid/cleric heals atm.

Buy from us and you don't have to wait on someone to listsend.

Hurry up and buy.
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