EQW cant get past EULA screen, SoD runs fine without EQW


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Windows vista home premium 32 bit
intel 2.4 dual core
nvidia 9700m 512 video card

Fresh install of titamium and SoD.

Patches just fine, but when I start EQW the EULA/Siezure screen comes up, and I cannot click on anything or get past it.

WHen I dont use EQW I can play and load my toons normally, but I would like to use EQ for the ease of switching windows when boxing.

Any ideas?


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Are u running EQW from the patcher? or seperately?

EDIT: by siezure screen do u meana full screen view in which if u try to alt tab it starts blnking non stop and such. If this is ur issue, make sure the window in front is ur current selected window.. ALT+ENTER to unfullscreen it... hope this helps
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Running it from the patcher. I have been playing it just fine without EQW, so I know that everything is working other than that.

And what happens is that the siezure warning screen comes up in full screen mode, and the mouse will move and highlight the box, but it wont click the box, and enter doesnt work as well, and I have to use task manager to get out of it.


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Make sure in EQW that the program is pointed to eqgame.exe, not everquest.exe... there is no seizure warning on the SoD screen, just the rules.


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The instructions for new players that SOD gives is not entirely accurate. The last few times I've installed the game at least. It seems you have to click the check box to force it to do a full repatch, otherwise it just loads the original EQ. (Even if you set it to eqgame not everquest.exe). Once it has done the full repatch, it should start properly and give you a rules page.
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