<Dumpster Fire>


Dalayan Beginner
<Dumpster Fire> is a T11/12 social guild with a strong focus on progression. We have scheduled raids 2-3 nights a week between 7-8pm EST and many unscheduled goings ons around approximately the same time on off nights. Loot is assigned by council based on attendance, loot history, and how good an item is for said person. We do not have mandatory attendance but attendance is rewarded. We have attendance based guild bank splits every 2 months or 200k whichever comes first. The more you show up, the bigger your split.

We are seeking hungry and active players who wish to advance and experience high tier raiding. We care a lot more about your playtime and your drive to improve than your current gear so don't let the discourage you from applying. If any of this sounds fun to you. Submit an app at dumpsterfire.guildlaunch.com

Our current needs are:

Clerics, Druids, Shamans, Necros, Wizards, & Beastlords.
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