Daymare into Night Part 2 (Marlow diety)


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I'm having trouble starting part 2 of the Marlow diety questline "Daymare into Night."

I cannot get Dis, Daughter of Marlow to respond to my hails on either of my characters, Rask and Nitocris. I have completed part one. After turning in the 10 amulets to Phago the Glutton he responds with, "She's ready for you Nitocris/Rask. Don't dissappoint, she hasn't called on anyone in a very long time. Oh, this is for you as well. To show there are no hard feelings and all... you'll need it to speak with Dis anyway." My journal updates and viewing it gives me "I have finally earned the right to speak to Dis. Time to see what she needs."

Hailing Dis does not get any response, nor does handing her the badge. I have tried refreshing, using levitate to get higher on the Z axis with her, and manually typing the responses that are on the wiki with no response from Dis.

The only thing I can think is I tried immediate after the patch on July 3rd and maybe the patch broke it.



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Your quest flags are fine, and the NPC script looks to be in working order, too.

Make sure you're talking to the "quest version" of her that's named *Dis, Daughter of Marlow instead of the one intended for raids to fight. You'll find her in the one of the corners of the hedge maze surrounding Phago.

Good luck!
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