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Current Best Crafted Armor is level 45 and very expensive.

I propose at least one more tier of crafted armor in the following manner:

1) Drop combine price of deepmetal/imphide/shadowsilk to make it reasonable to purchase at 45-50 (again it is recommended level 45!)

2) Add a way to "improve" crafted armor one or two iterations either by:

2a) Adding a further TS component from ANY skill
2b) Adding a QUEST component
2c) Adding an EXPERIENCE component
2d) A combination of these factors

The goal being crafted armor usable at 60-65 and having DM/IH/SS armor more available to people at the intended level of the gear. We cannot argue that the intended level of Deepmetal is 65 anymore, that is just not happening.


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Another tier is definitely needed. I don't really like the idea of levelling up deepmetal or the current top tier, just because a lot of people at 65 or 60 or whatever who just "graduated" from it won't want to put it back on as a downgrade to level it up.

Something along the lines of CMAL loot as a trade skill would be nice. Make the components rare or maybe require a bunch of different trade skills... Like Mine one, Fish one, Craft one and maybe have them all as a very rare world drop off any blue con mob at any level (give lower levels a chance to make some dime off of it)

That would encourage player interaction on the components.


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It does seem odd that boe stuff is so much better than tradeskills and the tradeskill stuff is just pretty outdated in general. Itd be nice to have a higher tier, but IDK how much of the player base actually really care about it compared to how much work it would take.


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It would be good to give the people leveling up some gear, being 65 and naked makes the game no fun, and if the tradeskill items are easier to get this would be great for new players. Adding a quest portion to make items a little better would be cool for them also. Sounds like a way to get more people into it before the raid game.

Another tier of tradeskill items are needed to balance things out more.

Adding an "experience" portion to tradeskill items makes camping those previous items less saught after. I think thats not the solution to this problem.
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Just playing devil's advocate here:

What impact would that have on t-maps and raid tiers? As it is aren't tiers like 1-5 or so already pretty well ignored as far as actual looted gear goes thanks to TS/BoE?

Ditto for t-maps.


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I am in favor doing something with this because you're right, having the best one be level 45 is a bit crappy for the effort and amount of money that goes into it. I agree with the people who say crafted shouldn't be better than raidable gear, but I think just a shade under it is a good idea. For people who can't raid, something close to low end raid gear with the ability to double aug the way you want is very nice.

A target purchase price for DM at 45-50 is way too low. Currently mithril and obsidian go for more than that. The prices you’re quoting are about what people are asking for dalium. So long as people have to either mine or pay someone to mine, high end crafted armor will never go for so little. There’s no way you’re going to get Deepmetal down to anything close, even if you drop the price of the bought components down from the 2500p or so a stack they are now. Not unless you make Deepmetal a lot easier to get. With a Sivyana pledged rogue I have to hide/sneak into the mining area, and without one you pretty much better forget it. And once you're there, I would say a rough estimate is an average of 6 hours or more to get one stack of DM. Plus buying or farming lava dust and essence of fire. Not trying to be a bitch about it, but the truth is, I wouldn’t sell DM for that price if you handed me the molten core for free, and I’m guessing not too many others would either.

Perhaps an easier thing to do would be leave Deepmetal at its current difficulty to mine, with the same ingredients and cost, and tweak it up to whatever you consider a reasonable level 65 armor, then add a level (or two) UNDER it? It just seems easier all around than all the stuff you’d have to do to DM to bring the price down to anything remotely like low cost. There are about a zillion ways to do this, from adding in new ore, to taking the current recipe for any existing ore and adding some other required ingredient.

As to the possible ways to do it:

2a) Adding a further TS component from ANY skill - not a bad idea, most tradeskillers do more than one anyway, and the ones who don’t will pay someone else, and everybody wins. Currently making DM already includes some brewing, so I’m not sure what specific other tradeskill would be a good addition.

2b) Adding a QUEST component - If this is a consumable component, I’m totally against this unless the “drop” rate on ore undergoes a serious adjustment, see above on time spent mining. Even if it’s a one time thing, like a “grandmasters smithing hammer” or somesuch, I have some reservations.

2c) Adding an EXPERIENCE component - As a tradeskiller I don’t have a problem with this personally, but I think you’re going to get an awful lot of resistance since it kind of pisses on Adept gear and other stuff. Gear that can be xp’d should probably be a little harder to get than click click click.


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We already have the potential for this with torment weapons

You could institute similar drops say in Air/Water/Earth/Misery whatever and extend the range of items that can be crafted.

torment forged plate and chain, for example, water imbued leather and earthen reinforced cloth

would strongly support this development

One thing if you are dropping price of existing armor please make the ore/skins etcetera a lot easier to obtain and other components cheaper or won't be worth making.
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