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As you may have noticed, we have now eliminated all the old EQ client loading messages. Unfortunately, we have a relatively few to choose from right now, so we thought hey, why not make a contest!

So here's how this works: in this thread, come up with a cool or interesting loading message. While I don't think there's a hard limit on length, it needs to be a relatively short phrase - I would say no more than about 40 - 50 characters or so. Staff will pick their favorite, and the person will be awarded 100 fame. The other top 5 vote-getters will get 25 each.

You should keep them clean (no swearing, references to Vagpounder, etc.) since some people have delicate sensibilities and probably play with the badword filter on. Let's see what you've got.


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It is literally my favorite thing in SOD. I like it better than that level 1 funny name event we did in the arena a few years ago!
"Repairing to roll the dice of misfortune..."

Because he really does deserve a mob to be named after him.
"Spawning Grinklesbot_8675309..."

Is old EQ humor ever go out of style?
"Preparing to one shot a ranger..."

Because, yeah, my favorite things a wizard can do...
"Abstraction of Flame and/or Life Fire Incoming..."

Finally, some bad political humor:
"Confiscating all fishing poles! One bad frog ruined it for everyone…”


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"Increasing Lag..."

"Enforcing Euro Advantage..."

"Despawning all your raid targets..."

"Handing out Tinfoil Hats..."


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Adding you to the top 5 list... just kidding!
Breaking your fomelo.
Making all enemies immune to rains.
Deleting your pet's gear.
Returning you to bind like it's 1999.
These are not the devs you are looking for...
Nerfing 4.3 loots, please wait...


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Feign deathing past your firewall...
Final Fantasy 7 sucks and you know it!
We are watching your neck beard grow while you wait
Now accepting applicants for the position of being BANNED


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A Loading Bar hits YOU for 389 points of damage.

Loading gnome punting physics

Baldakos must pay for his crimes!

You have learned all you can from this loading bar.

Jokes about German Sausages are the wurst.

There is a secret loading bar message no one has found

Adding ""Features"".

I thought that Nagthilian was covered in fog. But I was mist taken.

-The following two entries go together (no third entry) -

You have found a secret Loading Bar! (1/3)

You have found a secret Loading Bar! (3/3)
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