Contacting Staff (Bugs, Petitions, Appeals and Inquiries)

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Bugs should be submitted to the dev team with the /bug in game command. If the bug has any exploitative potential you must also please either contact the a member of the dev team on IRC or petition asking for one in game (be sure to include that you found an exploitative bug). Do not use the bug to further your character after finding it even if you reported it.

Bugs specifically involving YOUR character such as quest flag problems should be posted in the Quest Discussion forum. Be sure to make the post as detailed as possible so the dev team can best help you out if you are not online. Please be absolutely sure that you read all text in the quest before posting as often "bugs" posted are actually people following the quest as it is on the wiki and not as it is in game.


Petitions are done via the in game command "/petition" followed by the text you want the staff to see. Asking for staff through any other game channel will receive no response or a jail. Please make sure that you include all relevant information in your petition. A poorly written petition is one that requires more work on both the petitioner's and the GM's part, and will likely be summarily dismissed as "Not enough info".

Examples of bad petitions would be "My weapon poofed" or "My main character is broken" or "I need to talk to a GM". As GMs dont read minds, we have no idea what you are talking about when you say "My main" or "My weapon". Somewhat related, the %T command does not come through in a petition, so dont use it.

More Succinctly do NOT petition the following:

1. Quest bugs.
GMs cannot solve these problems with the tools we have. These should be posted -- again, with relevant information -- in the Quest forum.

2. Bugs.
GMs cannot magically fix a droprate or make the paladin initiates not agro the guards. This is stuff for admins and devs. It needs to be buglisted. The exception is where you need help from a GM in a direct way because of a bug (such as losing an item to an inventory bug).
2b. NPC Spawning issues.

Do not petition that NPC X isn't spawning. If you truly feel it is a BUG, then BUGLIST it.

3. Name changes.
We do not change names upon request.
3b. Name nerfs need to be in a concise fashion. /petition the charname and why you feel it should be changed. Doing so out of spite or with a lame reason will get you jailed.

4. Character account moves.
See This thread for the relevant information, and how to go about requesting a character be moved from account to account.

5. Jokes.
You might think it's cute to petition a hur hur funny joke, but it's not. Most times it's just annoying.
Petition should be used for things like "I'm stuck below the world in zonename" or "I used a 90% rez on my corpse but no debt was removed" or "I lost my Giant Crown of Kings and it said 'could not find item in slot 22 deleting item." These are things GMs can fix. Petition should also be used for guild-creation. Be sure you have your 10 people gathered (not 5 people on 10 toons) and /petition for your guild to be formed. Do not be discouraged if a GM is not available to answer it immediately.

Ban and Jail Appeals:

All Ban and Jail appeals and inquiries should be sent to Appeals.
Please be sure that you include all relevant information. The more information you give the better chances the ruling will be in your favor.

Donation Inquiries:

Send donation inquiries to [email protected].

Complaints about Staff:

Any complaints of staff misconduct should be submitted through IRC to either Woldaff (if involving the Developer team) or Karit (if involving the Game Master team). Alternatively you may reach Woldaff at [email protected] or Karit at [email protected].
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