Consider waiting on 2.5 being on EQEmu


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I just read the news, and I would like you guys to consider holding off on putting 2.5 on the EQEmu server list for a while after its release. My reasoning is that 2.5 will have some bugs when it comes out and while those bugs will not make anyone already playing quit, it most certainly could drive away any new players who want to check the server out. I also think there is a good chance they won't ever try the server again, even with everything running smoothly.

If EQEmu listing were to be held off for just a little, I would imagine we would have a much better chance of retaining any new players.


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What would help is some good advertising on the eqemu forums about the server by someone who has experienced it the most. They have a section for people to do that.


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Personally i don't see the point in waiting, Taryth has already said most of the game breaking bugs will come from the raiding scene. Most new players will be focused on leveling / lower tier content and by the time they do find a bug they will already be attached to the server.

This server has one MAJOR flaw and its population, the player count has been dwindling for years. SoD needs to be upgraded to 2.5 and added to the eqemu login asap in my opinion.


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The problem with that Pop is that the douche of Player base scares people away let's face it we do not have a friendly community


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i think he just blamed you for not blaming yourself for blaming all of us.

*time for another 1*


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I can see where Ynnear is coming from. Maybe everyone should pinky swear that once 2.5 is out we will all:

  1. Try to fill our groups, even- no- especially with newbs
  2. More PuGs. Apply rule #1 to Pugs. I see you four manning that t4 content.
  3. Not be total jackasses about who can come on PuGs. For instance, don't call taking a t7 character to a t9 pug where half the loots are claims "charity"
  4. Answer questions in OOC. By all means remind the person about DB and the wiki, but relatively polite answers sh/could accompany your response.
  5. Maybe instead of completing lap 13,453 around Athica you could just go buff some newbs or level up another character by actually playing with new people instead of leaching 65 levels. There is some really great content to revisit.

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That is so meta.:D


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The problem with that Pop is that the douche of Player base scares people away let's face it we do not have a friendly community
I 100% agree with this. I think there are exceptions, but in general we keep to our current friends/guild and do not really venture out nor want to do anything with new/random people. The server is very top-heavy so it is better to box a friend than bring someone you dont know.


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I will say that Matix is one person who epitomizes grouping with new folks. I applaud him on this. There are a couple of others who do this too. Try following their example and help the community grow. You just might make a new friend for life. I know we all tend to crawl into our comfort zones but if you really enjoy the server, then give back to it some.
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