Companion tome2s?


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Hi! We've seen pet tomes (resists, AC, crit strike) when Ikisith was introduced. It's been years since, a whole new raid tier and a couple of new 65 zones were added - will companion tomes tier 2 exist in the near future, too?
Thanks for considering it!


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Pets are already incredibly strong. I think it would be a lot better if the remaining classes that don't have their 3rd tomes yet could get them since most of the classes i enjoy playing (monk and cleric) seem to be underwhelming compared to classes with 3 tomes. Of course I'm not totally against pets becoming stronger through another rank of tomes but honestly think maybe the devs time and effort is better spent fixing the weaker 2 class tome having classes first.


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I agree with Lleoc that finishing class tomes is more important, but I don't think that adding pet tomes would really preclude any work on class tomes. Most of the pet tomes are pretty minor in impact and already have their first tier implemented. While I'm not well versed on the particulars of coding in a new tome I would guess that once the next level of the same tomes scaling was decided on (ie pet tomes currently add about 25% of the players stats to the pet, next level may be 30% of stats or somesuch), that the implementation would be pretty straight-forward. There are plenty of good places existing and upcoming that a new tier of pet tome would make a welcome addition as a reward.


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Try to imagine how strong Ranger's Birds would be if they had a second rank of Pet Tomes helping them out. I would love to experience this ultimate power however I need to be selfless here. Please buff monks and clerics. They truly need all the help they can get at the moment.
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