Charm Support... List of Zones Lacking Charm Targets


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Pulled from my old thread just to keep focus on this specific aspect of the Enchanter experience. With seasons coming, some of this should be extended to lower level charms / zones For this thread, I'm sticking to raid zones with Word of Command targets and not ones that would be charmable with Control. As seasons moves forward, please keep this list up to date with lower level zones!

Raid Zones in my perceived order of urgency:

  • Prison of Admyrrza (Outer, Inner, and Sanctum all lack charm targets aside from the trap panthers to my knowledge)
  • Tur'Ruj (Probably put one or two around some of the tribes, each type a bit different – maybe figure the Kal`tan and Rujik tribe are too fanatical to be charmed)
  • Lower Thaz (Could add things throughout the wings)
  • Plane of Fire (could be appropriate to add mobs to the city or maybe something in the field near Blazewind)
  • Sundered Caverns (Nothing that I know of - probably put in a few shades)
  • Tower of Tarhyl (Could add a few around the beginning and miniboss of each wing)
  • ValorB (Simple enough to tweak a mob or two before each mini)
Has anyone checked?
  • Plane of Frost
  • ValorA
  • CoD / SoD
  • Lower Tier Planes
Yclist had mobs added last patch, correct? Where possible I'd also like to see some prospective charm targets sprinkled around the various 1) World Bosses, 2) Fuwok’s really cool planar gemstone maps, and 3) trigger with things like the Cauldron of Dawn event.

I want to play around with Control a lot more, and I've discussed this with other enchanters. Unfortunately, the long recast time (in a class with a lot of spell gem needs), the large number of level > 58 mobs who are charm immune, and the high risk of enchanter death makes this something that very few of us have experimented with.

Please feel free to add to the list or correct me if I missed anything. Would anyone care to make lists similar to this for experience zones and six-mans?


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Bumping this thread. @Dev-Cole , since I know you are pretty busy, is there any way we can outsource the creation of some of these charm mobs to some of the other devs? I figure the easiest way to do it would be to create a rough dps table by tier, then adjust for the zone specifics and things like placement and monster type. Charm as a mechanic is pretty good when it works, but it still feels wildly inconsistent given the zones where targets are not available. If DPS is being balanced around this ability in lieu of mimics / direct casts, there should definitely be a priority to make the mechanic more consistently available.


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Not trying to derail but I want to once again ask that the devs strongly consider some form of dire charm, even if it's limited to mobs in 65 exp zones and excludes raid zones and tiered 6/12 man zones. Charm has very little direct support with progression outside of "Control Enhancement" and "Enhanced Control". The highest level charm spell is a non raid, non quest, buyable lvl 64 spell. Charm is great when all the conditions line up to support it but it's oppressive when they don't. No other int caster let alone dps class (rangers w/arrows is kinda annoying and fletching was revamped after consideration to address that) is hamstrung in this way, especially with progression t10+.


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Quick bump here -- thanks for making the thread!

One other zone that is missing a charm pet (as far as I can tell) is Requiem of Fear. I had a Ranger tracking in there and he couldn't find any light blue mobs at all.
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