Bug in a Quest in Grobb


Dalayan Beginner
The quest in question is in Grobb from an NPC in the SK guild area.

You say, 'Hail, Azanth Screechhand'
Azanth Screechhand says, 'Another pup unworthy of carrying the title of Death Speaker, I would assume? Yes, yes, the Dread Lord sent you for some assignments. I'll make this quick. You work for me. You assemble components that I need to use in my experiments. In exchange, you get the occasional useful scrap of equipment. Clear?'
[D1] Understood.
You say, 'Understood.'
Azanth Screechhand says, 'Fine. I am making a study on the link between the eyes of a creature and- nevermind, you wouldn't understand a thing. Just gather ten froglok eyes and return them to me.'

I have collected the Froglok Eyes and attempt to hand them to him and he doesn't want them. Am I doing something wrong?
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