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Starting a brand new adventure here in Dalaya and I am super excited to get going! My friend and I are chewing on what to play so we can see as much of the game as possible, was hoping to get some advice from the community on that and any other nuggets of wisdom they might have! It is a long haul to the top from what I've read and we are mostly looking to just get as much enjoyment out of the ride up as possible (and whatever we can do from max level), with that in mind only one of us is keen on boxing - hopefully we can still see and do a lot that way. Thanks much for your help and looking forward to playing with everyone!



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Ranger, Cleric, Enchanter are all needed as far as I know right now. Either the cleric or enchanter would be best to main if you do not want to box. But if your not so concerned about end game options, any healer + tank / hybrid tank, and then any dps class will be a good 3 person ride up.


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Tank (warr/sk), healer druid is good for farming but for the big stuff clerics are still #1, dps probably a wizard (more so if you use a cleric for heals). Wizards are fairly top end for dps (really good burst), mechanically work well in most content and have ports so getting around will be easier.


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Welcome to SoD!

Looking at the prospect of three chars being played, I would suggest having a healer (cleric / druid / shaman), having a porter (druid / wizard), and the third being some format of melee class (beastlord / ranger / monk / bard ) to be your pseudo tank. While a druid could be your 2 in 1 healer / porter, this would free up another class slot. The trade-off is that clerics are the most sought after class for raiding guilds. The reason I don't suggest a pure tank class ( war / sk / pal) is that the difficulty of gearing and creating a useful tank is much higher than with other classes.

Things to decide early-ish in your SoD career:

• What deity are you choosing? This will impact your alignment decisions as you quest as well as which (if any) raid zone you can't kill in.
• Do you want to hit adepts? Which ones? These are cap'd level encounters that offer unique loot.
• Are there specific quests that you want to do?
• Are there any gate necks you want to work on as you level? Some of the turn-ins for these are also level cap'd, and can be done while exping if planned for.

Welcome to the game, we are glad to have you. The community definitely wants to support new folks, so communicate via ooc, forums, discord.
ps - if you have not checked out the wiki, do so. It's a trove to be plundered!
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Welcome! Even with the fore-mentioned pieces of advice, play what you guys feel like playing. That is what is most important imo


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Read the wiki first.. and then read it again. Choose classes that sound fun to play. If neither one of you want to main a healer, then box one. Races are of very little importance by end game, so don't let that concern you too much.


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I'd avoid playing any of the int caster classes (necro, mage, wizard, enchanter) for smaller group content. I'd personally do something along the lines of war/monk + melee(ranger included) + cleric setup. You could swap the cleric for a druid, but druids main benefit (until quite late in the game when you get your Runic2 spell) is the ability to port, which can just be done by using someone elses druid/wizard or using the MoPortals.


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Just gonna compile some feedback i've provided in threads of a similar ilk. I haven't played this game in many years but I keep a bit of tabs on whats going on and I think everything still applies.

Look into doing these quests (1 and 2)which I mention because they have a level cap. Don't want to pass these by!

Check out this post by Grinkles, one of the most helpful people in the history of civilization. While your at it, you may look into his post history and just keep learning.

Cesspits is an amazing place for young players to find great exp and usable gear. You get a high level zone experience in a low level zone It is level capped at 29, so get there before then to grab all the gear you want. I think I remember going there at lvl 10 and being able to stay there for great exp past lvl 20.

A couple other recommendations:


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Either the cleric or enchanter would be best to main if you do not want to box.

It's funny you say that. The only time I've ever actually wanted to box is when I was fighting red bars maining my sham or cleric. Solo-boxing healers, especially clerics, literally puts me to sleep half the time.


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SK or War, Ogre. (Tank)
Druid or Cleric, race doesn't matter much. (Heals)
Beastlord, Bard or Monk (DPS and utility (slow, mezz, FD, ect)). If Beastlord, Ogre.

Personally for the most fun, id go SK, Druid and Bst. FD pulling with SK, Ports, track and buffs with Druid, Slow and buffs with Bst.

For the highest ceiling, War, Clr and Bst or Bard. But no ports, no tracking, no FD pulling, no SK mana/ATK buffs ect ect, and the ceiling is probably not even that much higher.

If you are getting wrecked by mobs, remember to aux tank. It's sort of like how slow was on live (if you don't do it, you probably will die).
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Thanks a ton for the quick responses and mountain of information! I think we are leaning towards Ranger, Cleric and Wizard - but we are both going to do some more reading on the wiki and stew on all the advice shared here. We will be sure to update everyone on our choices so y'all know the names of the next hot trio in Dalaya!
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